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Is there a renewable energy revolution happening in the Caribbean?

Energy Ministers and industry specialists gather in Miami to discuss energy security, national budgets and oil & gas exploration profits and risks.

MIAMI – On June 9th & 10th at the Eden Roc Hotel, Miami, Florida global research organisation Oliver Kinross will be hosting the Caribbean South America Energy Summit 2014.

This two day event will be covering a wide range of topics. Discussions will focus on recent success stories emerging from the Caribbean. For example in Aruba the Prime Minister Mike Eman ditched the countries ageing energy infrastructure to focus solely on renewable energy to address the countries needs and to reduce soaring energy bills which had been the subject of much heated debate.

The story of Aruba making the switch from fossil fuels to wind, solar, geothermal and tidal energy is becoming typical of the Caribbean. The Caribbean islands all face similar problems when it comes to securing affordable energy sources. Reasons for this include; not being connected to an electricity grid, having to import almost all fuel and often restricted to relying on one or two providers, all of which contribute to driving up costs.

Wigton Windfarm Jamaica - Renewable Energy in the Caribbean
Wigton Winfarm in Jamaica

Lucrative Market

The Caribbean is a lucrative market for investors and with the new interest in renewable energy taking centre stage. Currently it will be interesting to hear from the major players in the Caribbean market on what is next for the regions energy security.

Along with discussions on energy security and renewables technology for the region there will be much attention given to Colombia, Mexico, Suriname & Ecuador as well as a look at the potential, and impact of unconventionals in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Other topics on the agenda include LNG, logistics, transportation, infrastructure and oil & gas updates on blocks and discoveries. Aggreko who offer specialist energy solutions will be sponsoring the Caribbean South America Energy Summit 2014 alongside SoEnergy (formerly Energy International) provide global customised energy solutions for a diverse array of organisations and industries worldwide. Silver Sponsors include Future fibre Technologies, Louisiana CAT, Coastal Dynamics Ltd and Bronze sponsor Hempel.

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