Is online gambling legal in New Jersey?

Is online gambling legal in New Jersey?


Since online gambling was banned in the United States, many states have tried to legalize different activities associated to gambling.

More than a decade later, the situation is far from being resolved, with small steps being made in the right direction. On a national and even state level, online gambling is like Schrödinger’s cat, being both legal and illegal.

The state of New Jersey was one of the pioneers in legalizing the games and even though it leads by example, not all forms of gambling are legal here.

Casino gambling is legal in New Jersey

Fans of online casino games have nothing to worry about because both online and land-based gambling is legal. NJ residents can enjoy the same games. They can travel to Atlantic City and try the thrills of the games in one of the many casinos or play from the comfort of their home by using comparison sites like Lennus online.

Since 2013, online casinos are legally permitted to cater for local players, as long as they were owned by a physical casino owner or have a partnership with such a venture. Only those who reside in the state of New Jersey can access their services and play legally online.

You can play online poker legally in New Jersey

Poker fans can also consider themselves lucky because in New Jersey they can enjoy the best of both worlds. Atlantic City casinos are desperate for their business, because of the declining interest for gambling and online poker rooms welcome them with open arms.

International partnerships signed by operators with casino license holders make it possible for state residents to play Texas hold‘em, Omaha and other types of poker. They even have the option of participating in interstate compacts and compete against their peers from Delaware and Nevada.

Sports betting is still illegal statewide

American sports are immensely popular nationwide but also beyond borders, yet New Jersey residents can’t place bets legally. This is hugely frustrating for punters, but for the time being, it’s only possible to bet on horse races at one of the authorized racetracks.

There’s a lot of opposition from both regulators and professional sports league, so it is unlikely to have legal sports betting in the foreseeable future. Some people are concerned that betting can hurt the sports by providing the incentive for match fixing. These fears are not reasonable though, since sports betting is legal in the vast majority of European countries.

Regulated gambling benefits New Jersey punters

One of the main reasons for why other American states contemplate the possibility of legalizing online gambling is that New Jersey was successful. By regulating and taxing the industry, the authorities have found a way to bring more money to state coffers.

Players also benefit from this climate of transparency and predictability, as they no longer have to take chances with unlicensed operators. Many American punters from other states still gamble at offshore bookmakers, casinos and poker rooms. By doing so, they break the law and also expose themselves to dishonest practices against which they have no recourse.


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