Is a Scam? Site Review

There is quite a bit of confusion surrounding the idea of emotional support animals, and the registration process may seem somewhat of a scam. Many people don’t know much about these animals, and that confusion leads to the assumption that most registration sites are a con.

The truth is, many sites out there probably are not authentic, and it is good practice to be wary of potential scams or not.

Today, we look at the site We review the features offered on the site and dive deeper into answering the pressing question: Is a trustworthy site for emotional support animal services?

If you already have an emotional support animal or want to acquire one, keep reading this review to see if this is the site for you.


This site helps people register their pets as an Emotional Support Animal. With registration, ESAs can accompany the owner in public areas and establishments.

The site also helps with qualifying for an ESA letter, which lets the pet get accepted on airlines and in rentals that usually don’t accept pets.

Is a Scam? Site Review

Besides the registration process, the site also offers an online shop, a blog with information about various ESA topics, and an FAQ section with helpful insight into common ESA concerns.

There are many legit reviews on the site from people who have used’s services. These reviews are a positive indication of the site’s legitimacy. However, it’s still necessary to determine who the site is for because its services may not benefit everyone.

Below, we discuss the different audiences who may want ESAs and whether they will find the features on this site useful.

Prospective ESA Owners

This site may be best for people who are considering getting an emotional support animal. A lot goes into getting one of these animals registered, and serves as a one-stop-shop with almost everything you need to prepare for owning an ESA.

ESA Letter

For starters, anyone who wants an Emotional Support Animal will require an ESA letter. With, you can purchase the letter directly from the site.

ESA Evaluation Letter







The site offers three types of letters that help qualify you for various airline and housing accommodations:

  • Travel Letter (for taking your ESA on airlines)
  • Housing Letter (for getting the ESA approval for housing even in places that don’t allow pets)
  • ESA Prescription Letter Package (a combination of the travel and housing letter)
Therapist Live Chat and ESA Approval

Anyone who wants an Emotional Support Animal also requires approval from a licensed medical or psychological professional. Usually, this process involves seeing a therapist and paying the various costs of therapy appointments. Doing this yourself may require multiple counseling sessions. makes the approval process much more straightforward with its vast network of licensed mental health professionals. These therapists can talk with you via live video chat to decide whether an emotional support animal would be best for you.

If they approve you, the therapist will sign the official ESA letter, completing your application.

Information for Prospective ESA Owners also features books and other informational materials that serve as superb guides for what a support dog can and cannot do. It explains the basic legal protections that you will have as an ESA owner.

For someone new to the idea of an ESA, the blog portion of the site might be a helpful tool.

After glancing over a couple of the blog posts, we had a lot of our essential questions answered, so we know you could find what you are looking for with some extra digging.

New ESA Owners

 Emotional support animals are becoming more accepted as coping companions. ESAs benefit people who require emotional assistance, whether for a mental illness, trauma, or other types of stress. It is no wonder that an increasing number of people have come forward to learn more about the registration process and what it entails.

ESA Registration

If you already have a pet and wish to register it as an emotional service animal, this site is for you.

ESA Registration









To register your current animal, you need to provide:

  • Your name
  • The animal’s name and species
  • The animal’s photo
  • Contact information

Once you submit this information, it will undergo a review to decide if your animal qualifies.

Newsletter Updates on ESA Laws and Regulations

The site also can sign you up for updates on the changing laws and regulations for ESAs. With this feature, it’s easier to stay up-to-date on laws that may change frequently.

The newsletter is also helpful for new ESA owners who may not know the legal process behind it all.

Existing ESA Owners

This site is also a resource for those that already have a registered emotional support animal.

ESA Registry and ID Search

The site offers an ID search that serves as an excellent tool for existing ESA owners. Every registered emotional support animal will have an ID number issued to them at the time of registration.

ESA ID Search







In any case of emergency, such as a pet and owner being separate, this tool can provide contact information to the person who may have found your animal.

This little added protection gives some peace of mind to owners, especially since ESA dogs are likely to be out in public more often than a standard pet.

ESARegistration.Org Account

Another helpful feature for returning guests is the account option. If you have registered your ESA through this site, you can log your pet’s information, making it easy to keep things organized and easily accessible.

ESA Gear and Tools

ESAs do not require a vest that identifies them as a working animal while in public areas. However, it is often advisable to avoid any unnecessary issues while in public establishments. offers a site store that has many different packages for your selection. These packages include certifications, ESA vests, and other essential documents that you may want to have on you while taking your animal from place to place.

Summary Pros and Cons

So is worth your money? Overall, is a one-stop-shop for people looking to take the next steps in getting their emotional support animal.

On the site, you can learn a lot about what these animals do in providing emotional support. Also, you gain access to a network of professionals who can provide you with even more information if you need it.

You can even book one-on-one calls with mental health professionals. These therapists can customize the process to fit your needs best. This feature is one aspect we found especially beneficial, and we think you will, too!

This site also serves as an excellent aid for those who want to get their ESA registered quickly. While the registration process may take some patience to get through, we assure you that you are in good hands with the specialists available to help you.

The main thing you need to prepare for is the chance that specific legal changes could affect the registration process. ESAs are subject to regulations under the law, and updates happen faster than you may think.

Obviously, the changing laws about ESAs are out of the hands of the professionals on the site. However, it may impede your ability to have your animal registered as quickly as you may need.

As long as you are aware of the site’s limitations and things that are out of its control, we feel that you are going to have a good experience. With, you can get your animal registered and ready to go.

Here is a summary of its pros and cons:

  • Professional counselors available onsite to approve your ESA request
  • Helpful blog and newsletter with information about Emotional Support Animals, including changes to laws and regulations
  • ESA Registration
  • Gear and accessories for your ESA
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to other registration sites
  • Informative FAQ section addressing common concerns about ESA registration




  • Filling out the application doesn’t automatically register your animal as an ESA
  • Purchasing the ESA letter doesn’t guarantee approval of your application
  • Services not available in every state; states have varying requirements, such as Colorado and Ohio not permitting telehealth assessments
  • Legal changes may alter the validity of certain registration practices


So, is a scam? In our honest opinion, we do not believe that it is. If you are on the fence about using this type of site to register your emotional support animal, we think you are safe to trust it. It may surprise you with how helpful and professional the process can be!

The legitimate reviews from ESA owners back up the claims made by the site. Plus, in this review, we found the site serves the purpose it intends to do.

If you are interested in registering your pet as an emotional support animal, consider checking out While there’s no guarantee that you will end up with an ESA, you will be in the best hands and get the assistance you need to move forward!



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