Inspire Mentorship Program For Aspiring Speakers Making Waves

Spence Finlayson - Mastering the Art of Public Speaking: The Importance of Public Speaking
Spence Finlayson

[NASSAU, Bahamas]Inspire Mentorship Program for Aspiring Speakers is making waves locally and internationally according to its founder, International Motivational Speaker Spence Finlayson, Host of Immediate Response on ZNS Radio and Television in the Bahamas.

Finlayson, said the program is designed to help exceptional people to achieve a level of public speaking. This will assist persons with getting their message noticed. He went on to say that the difference between his mentorship program and other public speaking mentorship programs is that he focuses not just on the mechanics of public speaking, but also the mindset that is the inner world of public speaking”.

Feedback from Mentees

He shares a number of comments from his mentees in the program:

“It was in the month of February, 2021, I attended the first Zoom session of Public Speaking under the mentorship of Mr. Spence Finlayson. He’s known to all as the “Bishop of Motivation”. The first class I felt nervous, inadequate and without confidence to perform the task at hand. Immediately, Mr. Finlayson shared his experiences and laid a foundation for the extension of the one year course. I must say, Mr. Finlayson has certainly taught me how to speak with confidence, creditably, clarity and boldness. He has taught me to master the art of communication and the formula of preparing and delivering an influential and impactful speech. “These sessions so far are not only preparing me publicly but also in my daily life and in the corporate world”.

“I have been truly impressed and blessed with your professionalism and the enthusiasm of our class. It is a great honor and privilege to be under your tutelage and instruction!

“The mentorship is not only thought-provoking, but practical with understanding key factors of communication. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to take their speaking skills to the next level.”

“The Inspire mentorship program with Mr. Finlayson have been informative, inspiring and has motivated me to succeed in Motivational speaking. A dream I have had for many years. I look forward to our weekly meetings with a group of likeminded individuals with the same passion. The class is pushing me out of my comfort zone“.


Finlayson said that enrollment continues and persons can register at The investment is $99 per month and the classes are done virtually via zoom.

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