Independent Caribbean Artist, Xyclone dominates Billboard chart

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Portmore, Jamaica definitely has a way with music, doesn’t it? The latest hit creator from the Jamaican garrison, Xyclone is an artiste who resides in the Baltimore DC area, but has independently managed to make it to #1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart.

The world is about to switch gears even further as dancehall music and its accompanying rhythmic influences are securing chart tops like Billboard with ease it would seem; all this while penetrating deep enough to influence top shelf influencers like DJ Khaled, Jay Z and Drake.

Independent Caribbean Artist, Xyclone dominates Billboard chart


Xyclone is going after his. A recent spike in sales of his sophomore album, ‘From The Basement to the Big Leagues’ has single handedly placed the owner of RSQTHP Music Group, ahead of big names like Major Lazer, Ziggy Marley, Sizzla Kalonji and even Collie Budz.

The album was released last December and immediately debuted at #14 on the charts. It stood at #12 in January and some five months later in May, with the remix of one of the singles on the album- a track called, ‘How Yuh Bad Suh’, the album toppled Major Lazer’s, ‘Know No Better’ EP, to the second spot on the Billboard Reggae chart.

The young father of one is humbled but excited all the same. He’s worked hard and continues to, alongside a team that is headed by none other than well-respected dancehall artist, Spragga Benz. “

The album’s doing very well. If I can get it to #1 in the US that would be great,” said Xyclone- this as he pondered the recent course of the dancehall genre. “A lot of the Hip Hop songs right now have a strong dancehall vibe. It’s the sound that everyone’s using right now, so I’d say dancehall is in a good place.”

Since the album topped the charts, Xyclone’s been getting the calls he’s hoped for. “My phone has been ringing off the hook and I’m grateful. I’m heading to Europe in August on a semi-tour. I’ll be going to Leeds, Switzerland and Birmingham,” he mentioned, adding that he’s also flying to Australia soon. Believe it or not, he’s the first independent artiste, in eight years, to make it to the Billboard charts. Having conquered that feat, he’s now making the right moves to ensure that he captures major global music markets, including that of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean.

The single, ‘How Yuh Bad Suh’ has a strong Soca flavor and this, Xyclone says is what he expects to hear more of from the top music creators worldwide as the beats and melodies of the Caribbean and Africa sell itself with ease.

His journey has only just begun and even having recorded with dancehall superstars like Beenie Man, Red Rat and Spragga Benz in the past, this music maker is confidently pushing with one goal- and that’s to make it to the top.


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