Immigration Groups To Hold Press Conference In Response To Desantis Signing Of Anti-Immigrant Bill

MIAMI – On Thursday, May 11th at the Freedom Tower (600 Biscayne Blvd.) in Miami, representatives from national and state immigration groups will hold a press conference to speak out against a new anti-immigrant bill that Governor Ron DeSantis just signed into law. The legislation makes life harder for Florida’s roughly 775,000 undocumented immigrants—as well as the many Florida authorized residents who employ, rely on and assist them. 

Gov. Ron DeSantis

The law, a somewhat softened version of a much harsher package of restrictions sought by anti-immigrant Governor Ron DeSantis, still includes extreme restrictions that will create extra work and confusion for myriad state employers, medical centers, faith groups, and nonprofits—such as (1) mandating e-verify for all employers with over 25 employees; (2) Making it a felony to transport undocumented people into the state of Florida; (3) requiring hospitals to collect immigration status data from patients; and (4) barring undocumented students from becoming attorneys in Florida, among others.

Speakers at the press conference will urge Floridians who support immigrants regardless of their legal status to call their Members of Congress in D.C. and urge them to support a pathway to citizenship for the country’s roughly 11 million undocumented residents who pay taxes and contribute to our economy but live in a state of limbo and fear.


Venezuelan American Caucus, Miami Freedom Project, Florida Immigration Coalition, American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIC) Action


Adelys Ferro, Executive Director, Venezuelan American Caucus

Ana Sofía Peláez, Founder and Executive Director of Miami Freedom Project

Paul Christian Namphy, Lead Organizer, Family Action Network Movement

David Metellus, Director of Policy and Politics, Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC)


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