Ideas to Decorate the House with Music

Ideas to Decorate the House with Music

Music is part of our life. It accompanies our vital rhythms, helps us to express ourselves and share, reminds us of incredible moments and comforts us when we are sad. Music is life and it cannot be exempt from any home so that it can maintain a perfect and healthy balance.

If you’re creative, cover the event space with musical notes from top to bottom, making household items an integral part of your decorating scheme. Music can be present at home in multiple ways. A website “ElephantStock” where you can find these music room decor ideas and recommendations not only for lovers of decorative arts, but also for beauty, health, sports, gastronomy, cooking, etc.

Sheet Music Poster

Draw or buy a large poster decorated to look like sheet music. If you do it yourself, glue many pieces of white paper together. On the opposite side of the tape, use a black marker and a ruler and draw five lines across the poster, with equal spaces between them. Draw many different types of notes on these lines, from black to white, and from eighth to sixteenth notes. Divide the score into bars. Add breaks and key signatures and indicate if they are sharp or flats. Stick the poster on a wall. If playing music is part of the event, challenge guests to play the score drawn on the poster with their instruments.

The more daring can choose to paint musical notes or other elements related to music on the walls. In today’s market there is a wide variety of frames and formats to paint without problems. It will not be necessary to recharge the set too much, just a few notes to give a different touch to the room.

Cover the walls with posters of musicians that you and your guests like. Cut colorful construction paper into music note shapes. Glue or pin them to posters. For example, if one of your posters shows a saxophonist, paste musical notes coming out of the saxophone. You can also place musical notes coming out of a singer’s mouth. Decorating it with musical notes gives the poster a personal touch and makes it look more appropriate for party decorations.

As well, simply by hanging some of your child’s musical instruments or those that most attract his attention, in addition to accompanying him with objects such as vinyl records and posters, we will achieve a perfect themed room.

Music Rugs and Cushions

Get plenty of undecorated rugs and / or pillows with a look that you won’t mind changing. Draw musical notes on them and distribute them around the room where the event will be held. Guests can sit on a themed sofa and your floor won’t be empty compared to your walls.

Musical Notes Elements

Decorate household objects with musical notes. Cover a lamp with paper that has musical notes on it. Hang cut musical notes from your fan or ceiling by gluing the notes to pieces of string and tying them to different elements in the room. Hang musical notes from door handles and from lamps and curtains.

Decorative Vinyl with Musical Motifs

Another excellent idea is to place decorative vinyl with musical motifs at home. Vinyl is a plastic material with an adhesive part and the other with a wide range of colors, shapes, designs and motifs. For some time now, it has established itself as a more than interesting decorative element thanks to its versatility. With a musical style decorative vinyl you will create an atmosphere at home very much to your liking.

Discs and Instruments

Some, for example, use their discs to put a simple frame for them and hang them on the wall as pictures. It doesn’t matter if they are CDs or vinyl records; they always look very good and give the feeling of having a much larger musical gallery than we think.

Finally, if you have some instruments, you can place them around the house as decorative elements. It is not unusual to see a piano or a small organ in the living room, a guitar hanging on the wall, or even a small drum set in the corner of a large room.



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