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Ideas of Alexander V Berenstain About The Ecosystem Restoration

The ecosystem is a huge project that can be taken as variable sizes and shapes. The action is to interact with living organisms and environment resources. Its main role is to provide food, water, and shelter to human beings. And majorly take care of the natural resources, climate protection, habitats, and biodiversity conservation. Humans are pushing the starvation for biological resources for their well-being, which is the breaking energy. The ecosystems are categorised into many types which are connected with the ecosystem restoration. All restoration kinks can be restored to all seas, oceans, wetlands, cities, towns etc. The best way to restore natural life can be ecology restoration.


To avoid the people’s hunger for land and resources, the forest areas are in the process of being destroyed. We should regrow all the trees and plants, and replant them in a natural way to prohibit causes like wildlife deaths, pollution and woodchopping, forest fires. We can plant greens near our homes as it is the responsibility of every individual to take care of the planet and decrease the burden on the ecosystem to retake the forest loss because of food systems. There is another way to raise awareness about forest wildlife, is to make people experience nature in it’s heart. That’s possible to do by spending your vacation time in one fo rainforest retreats. If you like Caribbean, then great option will be Dominica. Soon, they going to finish construction of Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa luxury eco resort developed by Vital Developers Limited and project management services done by lead by manager Alexander V Berestain.

Ideas of Alexander V Berenstain About The Ecosystem Restoration


Another necessary factor to store water resources and carbon is peatlands. The steps are very quickly growing due to the fact that peatlands are converting and transforming into agricultural purposes for countries. Think that the peatlands cover only 3% of the land and provide the carbons to the soil at a high level. So avoid climate change to save the carbon in the land. We will re-wet and close the drainage systems in public places to prevent the rare flora and fauna.

Stream and pond

The luxury and healthy life is being with abundant water and a safe life. We must avoid using more and more water for irrigation, overfishing, groundwork, homes, and industries. Restoring means decreasing waste and pollution, giving a tough fight for water and fish, and bringing back vegetation both above and below the ground. We should also know the healthy insects that are growing in the riverbanks because fish will eat the insects if it is so, it will be better for the habitats. The Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ and their manager Alexander V Berenstain are so happy with the concept of that development they’re doing project management services for, that they definitely will spend time there when construction of Sanctuary Eco Resort and Spa done, worth to mention that development of the project done by Vital Developers Limited and financed through Dominica Citizenship by Investment real estate option.

Ecosystem Restoration with Alexander V Berenstain
Alexander V Berenstain


Essential steps to raise the farmlands are controlling the pests, bringing up the natural fertiliser, reducing cultivation, and growing more trees, plants and crops on the land. If we take up these strategies, the soils will become more fertile due to the reproduction of many carbons in soils, and the people will decrease the population growth areas. This farmland restoration will benefit all wildlife habitats and the natural environment of the earth. We can use modern technologies like the Global positioning system and remote sensing applications to target and improve fertiliser which helps in decreasing over usage.

Offshore and seas

The great carbon storage is present because of bay grasses. 35% of the carbon is fetched by the seagrasses which is very much greater than equatorial rainforest. We should avoid throwing the plastic into the ocean to get a fresh stream. People, we should maintain carefully and balance equally.

Grasslands and savannahs

These places are overgrazed and transformed into agriculture and occupied by many species. We can clear the brown woods and form a green natural grass for their well being. Reprotect all the plants which have been destroyed by modern technologies like buildings. Escorts should take responsibility for making a sustainable environment.

Densely populated areas

Due to many homes, manufacturers, and roads, there is no room for vegetation but for decomposing the pollution in mud, air, and waterways. We should still improve them in more ways. We must wash out the waterways and improve the densely populated woodland, and other wildlife habitats in educational places, green areas, and public landmarks. The other best idea is cropping the grass less frequently, making breathable sidewalks, and urban marsh. So that we can prevent conversion, and flooding, and reclaim building areas into green places for natural life and restoration.


The actions of clearing slopes for the houses and farming should be prohibited in mountain regions. Rising temperature forces species like insects, and ecosystems and makes people adapt their actions. The trend of humanity is bringing back the forests and restoring the protection from landslides, floods, droughts, tsunamis, thunderstorms, avalanches, etc. The dams and roads of official plans are for splitting of rivers and other habitats. Agroforestry is one of the best techniques in farming for better climate resilience.



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