Hungry for Excitement? Skydive in Florida Regardless of Experience Level


Have you been bored lately? Do you feel you need a shot of awesome injected into your life? Something outside of the ordinary? Join the club. Hey, we are all in the same boat with work, school, and family obligations.

The basic human need for excitement is what leads most people to skydiving. It’s an extraordinary experience, and something within your grasp if you are in reasonably good physical shape and of legal age. 

Skydiver Levels of Experience

You may be a beginner, intermediate or advanced skydiver. It does not matter because jumps are available to all experience levels in the state of Florida, and elsewhere, for that matter. 

Tandem Jumps

You could be taking your first jump sooner than you think. Tandem jumps instill confidence in people who are new to the sport because they are done in unison with a USPA certified instructor. You will literally be strapped together the entire time, leaving you free to view the beauty of the landscape in the safe hands of a master diver.

Your instructor jumps with you in tandem skydiving, making it perfect for beginners. When tandem skydiving, your only responsibility is to follow the rules laid out by your instructor, then kick back and enjoy the view. If you have questions, the FAA suggests following certain safety protocols.

Drop Zones

So you’ve decided that you want to leap from a plane, but maybe your friends would rather hang back. That is just fine because everything your friends and fam will need is in the drop zone. 

The name drop zone is descriptive because it describes the place that you, the skydiver, will drop down from the sky to rejoin your group when your jump is over. The zone is usually a pretty active place, as everyone scurries to get the best photos and video of your descent. While awaiting your arrival, friends can enjoy drinks and food. Snacks and beverages are often available for purchase onsite.

Skydiver Requirements

Of course, behind every unique hobby is a bunch of suits that define the rules. We say that’s okay, so long as the nerds don’t wear a suit and tie in our drop zone. Here are some regulations to be aware of:

  • No one with a heart condition is allowed to skydive.
  • Skydivers must be 18 years old or older.
  • The body weight limit for tandem skydiving 220 lbs. 
  • The body weight limit for skydiving in general is 240 lbs.

To avoid injury to other people on the ground, empty your pockets before boarding the plane. Flying keys, sunglasses and cell phones could cause serious injury.

What If I’m Injured While Skydiving?

A South Florida professional skydiving legend retired, but was then killed in a freak accident after his parachute failed to open. Carl Daugherty was 76 years old and loved the sport, but sadly, a fun outing with friends cost him his life. If you or someone you love is hurt while participating in sports on vacation, immediately call local first responders by dialing 911. 

Carefully follow the instructions provided by EMTs or police officers that arrive on the scene, and even if you think you’re not seriously injured, call an ambulance anyway. You may need to sue to get medical bills covered and need documentation, so it is also always a good idea to keep the phone number of personal injury attorneys handy as well. Accidents are infrequent, but they do happen.



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