How to Raise Your Child When the Father Is in Prison: 5 Tips on What to Do and What to Tell Your Child

Over 2.7 million children in the U.S. have a parent in prison or jail.

Those children can face a lot of stress and emotional problems. So, if your kid’s father is in prison, it is important that you know what to tell your child and what steps to take to ensure you raise your little one well.

Get started by checking out the following five helpful tips.

How to Raise Your Child When the Father Is in Prison

1. Be Honest with Your Child

It is usually best to be honest with your child about his or her father being in prison.

When you tell your child, he or she is sure to be confused and have lots of tough questions. So, answer questions as honestly and appropriately as possible and ensure you are there to provide emotional support.

If you do not tell your child what has happened to daddy, the child can become even more confused and scared at the father’s sudden disappearance.

Find the right time to tell your child about what has happened, so you can give him or her your full attention. But do not wait too long to have the chat.

Be honest, but also make sure you tell your child about dad’s incarceration in a simple and age-appropriate way. You should also:

  • Talk to your child in a safe environment.
  • Acknowledge and validate your child’s concerns.
  • Reassure your child that many other children are in similar situations.

2. Maintain Contact Between Your Child(ren) and Their Father

As long as the relationship is healthy for the child, you should ensure your child is connected with the father.

You can easily locate an inmate in the state of SD, FL, or another state by using an online search database; to make it less challenging to discover which facility the father has been transferred to.

A parent in prison can still act as a supportive adult, so encourage your child to write to, email or video-call the father regularly, and visit as often as you can.

Also, make sure your kid’s important celebrations and milestones are celebrated with the father, like birthdays and passing exams.

3. Be Consistent and Stick to a Routine

Raising your child on your own when the father is in prison can be challenging for both you and your child. But make sure you put on a brave face so that you can put your child first.

One of the best methods of raising your kid is to remember to be consistent. Keep rules simple and clear, and be firm but kind. And by having a clear routine, you can help your child to feel secure.

 Your child will benefit when you have a firm but fair structure in place.

4. Encourage Active Skill-building

You can build resilience in your child through encouraging active skill-building. So, encourage your kid to try new athletic, academic, or cultural activities.

Your child will be able to learn problem-solving skills and meet new friends, all of which can contribute to a healthy and happy child.

5. Give Your Child Lots of Time and Affection

Your child needs you to be there, so make sure you give your child lots of time. Also, ensure you give lots of affection and praise. By doing so, your kid can feel safe, loved, and more confident.

The more you actively consider your child’s needs and make things seem normal, the easier your child will be able to face and overcome the challenge of having a father in prison.


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