How To Protect Your Rights If You Were Involved In A Car Crash

The steps you take in the first few hours and days after getting involved in a car crash are very critical. They actually make all the difference when it comes to compensation and your recovery. By taking the right measures, you’ll protect your rights and increase the chances of winning the compensation you’re owed.

So, what steps should you take immediately after a car crash?

How To Protect Your Rights If You Were Involved In A Car Crash

1.    Ensure Everyone Is Safe

The first critical step is ensuring everyone is okay. If you have some passengers with you, check on them and see whether anyone needs immediate medical assistance. You should also inspect your surroundings and see if it is safe to step outside and assess the situation. This is important because most crashes happen on busy roads, so the last thing you want is to put your life in danger or increase the number of victims. You should also analyze the condition of the other parties involved in the accident. This is a humane and ethical thing to do. Also, you don’t want them to describe your behavior after the accident as negligent and questionable because it can also hurt your claim. However, you should assess if it is safe to talk to the other driver. Many drivers experience road rage after accidents which may make them dangerous.

2.    Call The Police

You are mandated to call the police if an accident has resulted in an injury, death, or property damage worth at least $500. It’s hard to know whether your accident meets this criterion due to the typical confusion accompanying accidents. Therefore, to be on the safe side, call the police anyway. Many questions will be asked when the police arrive. Try as much as possible to maintain a clear head and answer the questions accurately. Many people implicate themselves wrongly due to shock. Take your time and answer the answers to the best of your recollection. Don’t be afraid to tell them you need medical assistance first. You should also record the names and badge numbers of the officers and ask for the police report. If you can, go through the report and make sure everything is accurate.

3.    Collect Evidence

It’s critical to document the evidence at the scene while it’s fresh. If you can move, take your smartphone and start capturing all the evidence. Take photos of the scene from multiple angles plus the area surrounding the accident. Capture the registration number, insurance, and license card of the other driver.  You should also take photos of your injuries and everyone else’s at the scene. If you see witnesses around, take the time to speak to them. Get their contact information and let them know that you may forward that information to your attorney.

4.    Call Your Lawyer

An experienced car accident lawyer is the best person to defend your rights. They will assist you with filing your claim and making sure nothing is left out, which is the standard practice in Michigan. It is crucial that you get an attorney who’s not just experienced but also practices within your area. This will benefit you in several ways since certain laws vary in different states. For instance, filing a mini-tort claim in Michigan is so much easier when you have the assistance of Michigan based attorney who understands the requirements. An accomplished counsel will also help you focus on your recovery as they protect your rights.

5.    Seek Medical Help

How To Protect Your Rights If You Were Involved In A Car Crash

Seeking medical assistance is good in various ways. First, it helps to identify any potential medical emergencies caused by the accident. It is possible to move around and feel okay when there’s actually an internal problem.

Second, your refusal to seek medical aid can be used against you. The other party may claim that the injuries were never severe in the first place. If your injuries turn out to be severe, they can claim that the conditions worsened due to your refusal to receive emergency medical treatment.

There’s so much at stake, so do not ignore the EMTs. The medical records are also instrumental in supporting the personal injury suffered and your claim.

6.    Don’t Discuss The Case.

Avoid discussing the accident and case with anyone else unless counseled otherwise by your lawyer. You must not discuss the events of the accidents with the other driver as well. Sure, you can exchange your insurance details, but that’s it. Getting into detailed conversations can result in statements that can be used as an admission of fault. It’s even more important to avoid discussions of remorse and regret. Do not admit fault!

Until you get your lawyer on the phone, you will be responsible for collecting the evidence at the scene. And if you have suffered severe injuries, rest and call 911 for the police and EMTs. You can also ask the witnesses to wait for the police and record their statements.

Being involved in a car crash is no easy situation to be in. Keep in mind that your rights should always be protected no matter what. By following the tips listed above, you can readily do that. Doing so will help you survive this ordeal in the best way possible.



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