How To Properly Show Your Political Views Online

Our social media pages can say a lot about who we are and what we care about. We may not always want to share every detail of our lives with the world, but when it comes to politics there is no shame in stating your position. But how do you go from being an active participant to a persuasive voice? This article will cover everything from creating a profile picture that aligns with your beliefs to taking the time to write thoughtful posts on trending topics.

How To Properly Show Your Political Views Online

Why Your Political Views Online Are Important

Before we can dive into the nitty-gritty of how to show your political views online, we’ll need to understand why it’s so important. Studies have shown that social media has become a powerful weapon in getting people out to vote and showing support for their candidate of choice. If you want to show your political perspective, you first need to realize why your political views are relevant and who they might be relevant to. Social media sites are great to see what your target audience might be and Facebook is not just a place where you can see what your friends are doing and post pictures, but rather a platform that could wield serious influence if used properly.

What You Should Avoid

It may seem like common sense, but there are some things I would suggest avoiding when sharing information about politics: Avoid profanity in posts or comments; stay away from racial slurs, sexism, and any other forms of derogatory language. These are all attacks on your opponent rather than their position. I know it can be frustrating when you have different political views from someone else, but in the digital age, there’s no excuse for this kind of behavior.

Where To Begin

Once you’ve accepted that social media is a platform not only for posting pictures of what you’re up to but also to spread your beliefs, where do you begin? It may seem like simply expressing yourself is enough, but if you truly want to persuade others then some steps need to be taken first.

What Is Your Audience?

Social media has really blurred the lines between ourselves and our audience; we aren’t just speaking to our friend circle, we’re speaking directly to the masses. As the title suggests, this article is intended for those who care about political issues and want to make a difference with their voice; if you don’t vote or aren’t concerned about politics, then these points may not be as relevant.

Making Your Profile Picture Political

People like me choose a specific candidate based on their Facebook profile picture. When choosing your profile picture you must align yourself with your beliefs; what better way to do that than by using a picture of yourself at a rally? It will show people exactly where you stand and perhaps even inspire them to take action themselves. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing such an image publicly, take advantage of Facebook’s privacy settings and share it with your friends only.

Posting Political Messages

Many of us post messages about politics, but we often miss our chance to leave a lasting impact. What I like to do is place my opinions into a larger context; sure, you can say that you support Obamacare because it helps millions of people get the healthcare they deserve, but why not show an image as well? People respond strongly to visual aids so if you can find an appropriate picture or meme related to your cause there’s no reason not to use them. If those aren’t available, try explaining how certain policies directly affect those around you; perhaps someone in your family is struggling with drug addiction and could benefit from better access to medical care under Obamacare.

Taking Action

We live in an age where opinions are constantly shared; the next logical step is for those opinions to be acted upon. If you believe strongly enough in a cause, why not take action? Many petitions exist online that allow anyone to express their views and voice their concerns. Take advantage of sites like or Care2 Petitions and make your opinion known! Even if you don’t care about politics it’s important to understand how impactful they can be in our lives; by taking part in these campaigns, you could potentially change someone else’s life for the better.

How To Properly Show Your Political Views Online

Social media is a powerful platform that people from all walks of life can utilize to express themselves. If you want to show your political views, you can do so by simply following the steps listed above; it’s as easy as that.


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