How to Increase Engagement on Instagram?

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram?

Seeing Into the Future: Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future?Every year there are some new and classic updates on Instagram, which allows the users to enhance their engagement among every active account. However, it is not as easy as it looks.

Instagram becomes way trickier to be used every day with the new possible update. At times, these updates become difficult for some users to catch, and they lack behind. But where do they actually require when they are already active on Instagram, have friends, and post content? Usually, these account holders lack behind in attracting more followers towards them. It decreases their engagement, and they become badly hit accounts.

So, if you don’t want to be one of them, then you should follow certain things regularly while you are posting stories or content for your followers.

These methods will definitely help you to the maximum even while you own a totally new account. If you’d like to learn more about the tricks of growing the engagement on Instagram, click here to visit one of the good websites totally devoted to it. So, the methods, here they are.

Different Ways to Follow to Increase Engagement 

  1. Make your account public

One of the most essential things which are expected of you to do is to make your account public. If you had a private account till now, you might have seen that no individual might have approached you appropriately. On the other hand, while you see the public accounts, they have thousands of followers and likes on the post. This happened because those open accounts made the viewers have a look at their page and follow it if they adored the content.

So, if you desire the same engagement on your page, get a public account right now!

Once you have a public account, you can do further changes in it. Just like, you can add a business account to your profile or a personal blog or a writer. This will further let your viewers know about your exact profession. If your job matches theirs, then they will hit the following icon without thinking for a second.

  1. Give a ‘Follow back.’

One of the essential methods of enhancing the engagement is to give a follow back. Once the Instagram accounts have started to follow you, you can offer them a follow again. Although this option will increase your following, you have to do this for more followers. Otherwise, your followers will start unfollowing you, and you will be left in the same position from where you began your journey. In fact, we would advise you to follow your followers for some time, which can include months. Once the situation becomes intact, you can unfollow the ones whom you don’t desire to follow. 

  1. Let followers interact with you through DMs

Well, if you are using the ‘DM ME’ sticker and not replying to your followers, then don’t expect someone will be interested in following you. If you are asking your followers to message you personally, then it is the responsibility to reply to them with complete kindness and love. However, you should also respond to message requests. After all, every person sending you a message request isn’t fake or cheesy.

  1. Engage your followers in some activity

Well, you might think about the different activities where you can maintain contact with your followers. This activity is directly present in your own account. As you know, many users make use of the ‘QUESTIONS’ sticker. This usually allows the followers to know more about the individual whom they are following. So, you can do the same.

Apart from this fun-loving activity, try using the ‘QUIZ’ sticker. You can ask GK questions or some questions concerned with your taste. This will let your followers have a knowledge of how much they know about your taste, feelings, and thoughts.

  1. Always post your pics with location

If you are willing to post some pictures of yours on Instagram, then some might be of different places. However, you can also be a travel freak. If you are then, let your followers have a glance at your pics or your photography of the top known places of your country you have visited. But, be sure to mention the location with every pic. With the locations, your followers will get to know whether you are in their hometown or have visited the place earlier. This will increase your account’s engagement with concerned followers. Further, your post will add to the location tag, and any user opening that tag can easily have a look at it.

  1. Upload highly-trend content

Posting your own pictures is OK, but if you are posting other randomly clicked pictures by your smartphone, then make sure that those pics are in trend. In trend means that those pictures should be liable enough to attract engagement towards your profile. The pic can be of Starbuck’s coffee, cute little puppies or kittens, adorable babies, and even delicious food. Posting such trendy pics can let you know your audience’s preference following the likes gained.

What’s essential to increase the engagement on Instagram?

You might have known the different ways you can adopt to enhance the engagement on Instagram. Well, there is something extraordinary which will help you in doing so. Let us wait for you to guess?

Absolutely! It is Instagram followers. If you have thousands following you, then you can easily augment the Instagram engagement. However, if you lack followers, then you don’t have to be sad. Here, we have the best solution to your problem. After researching, we found the thing which can help you, and it is to buy followers. Well, don’t be surprised! Buying followers isn’t something new for you all. This thing was started some years back but didn’t gain much popularity. However, with time, people felt the need for followers, and so, they decided to buy some of them. Though the purchased accounts were real, it never posed a threat to their account.


The above-listed tricks for Instagram engagement were just a few. There are way more things that are yet to be explored by you. However, you don’t have to worry much. As Instagram is updating itself, we will let you know about the upcoming tricks in our next posts.

So, stay tuned!

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