How To Find Fun Quiz Questions To Make Your Games More Interesting

Who doesn’t love trivia night? Whether you’re hosting a huge game night or a small intimate family game night, quiz questions are a great way to have fun and learn at the same time. Interesting game, fun night, plus building cognitive skills.

How To Find Fun Quiz Questions To Make Your Games More Interesting

Here’s how to get fun quiz questions that make for interesting games.

Trivia Website

In the age of the internet, information is everywhere. Actually, there’s a danger of information overload. So finding fun trivia questions and answers is as easy as finding a good trivia website. A trivia site is a web page or a collection of web pages specifically designed in a way that makes finding quiz questions grouped by topic super easy.

When choosing a trivia website, look out for one with a friendly user interface first of all. For example, some of the best websites have easy-to-read fonts, answers on the same page a click away, neatly organized categories, and an option to share everything on your social media platforms.

You don’t want a website that’s overly complicated, takes forever to load, and is full of incessant ads. Trivia websites are your best option.

Create Your Own Quiz Questions

It’s a time-consuming task that’s not the easiest route to take, but here are some tips on how to make your own quiz questions and answers.

The Title

If your games are going to be interesting, the title of your quizzes should make everyone eager and excited to begin. Your title should also be descriptive, like Famous Movie Quotes.

Plan The Questions Around The Title

The title is indicative of the topic that the quiz questions will focus on, so you can’t add random questions that have nothing to do with each other.

For example, if your topic is Popular 90s Music you should start by researching all the top songs released in that era before you start writing questions. This is because you need a strategy and a structure and pattern for your questions.

Also, it’s best to put the funny, easy questions first.  You want people to be put at ease and to get a confidence boost with which to continue the quiz. The harder questions should go in the middle and right toward the end. Think of it as setting an adventure course, it’s easy in the beginning but gets harder the further along it goes.

The Answers

After you find your answers, decide how many. The standard is 4 answers per question, like with the SATs. Then, enter placeholders (A, B, C, and D) for all the answers.

When filling in the answers vary the positions. All your answers can’t be A, mix it up. Further:

  • Make some questions tough by having some answers be nearly identical to each other
  • But make some answers easy to get
  • Don’t include answers that involve years because they’re hard to remember or guess, which isn’t much fun.
  • If you’re set on using years, spread out the possible answers over decades or centuries to make things easier

How To Find Fun Quiz Questions To Make Your Games More Interesting

Quiz App

A trivia app is any computer program or software application that you download and that has quiz questions and answers. Mobile quiz apps perform a lot of functions now.

You often get gameplay options, either choosing to play solo in offline mode or against two randomly assigned opponents in a match. You even get to connect to your social media platforms and play with your real friends.

Best of all, these apps have huge databases filled with thousands of quiz questions and their answers, all arranged conveniently in categories. So you can simply download one of these apps, pick a category and jot down the questions and answers for your personal use.

Question Bank

A question bank is used by educational institutions. A question bank is a collection of questions outside of actual examination or test questions. Questions are stored in categories you can preview, edit or create. Often, the categories can be limited to being used on the site, course, or quiz level and the questions stored in the question bank can be reused in different quizzes and lessons. Plus the questions added directly to quizzes and lessons are automatically saved in the question bank.

Question banks are super useful. They are ideal for organizing questions because they can be linked to through question groups in quizzes. They’re also a tool that can help to create randomization in a quiz. Additionally, quizzes from the same question bank can all be updated when a question is changed within the bank. This way it’s much easier when creating smaller topic-specific quizzes and then putting together a cumulative assessment.

Thus, question banks are a great source of quiz questions and answers.

Games are an awesome hobby. Especially trivia games. You get to spend time with others, bonding, laughing, and learning.


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