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How to Choose the Right Career Path: Tips for Future Students

How to Choose the Right Career Path

How to Choose the Right Career Path

At 15-17 years old, it is not easy to make the right choice. Students have only a general idea about most professions, and they do not suspect the existence of some that are rare at all. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the choice of a specialty as reasonably as possible, find out as much as possible about it, weigh all the pros and cons. Regardless of the College choice, students benefit from using research paper writing service online. There they can get professional help and easily improve their academic performance.

It is not so easy to find not just an interesting, but a highly paid and in-demand profession in the labor market.

There are several important factors to consider:
Interests and inclinations

It is necessary to take into account a person’s desire to engage in a certain activity, interest in many subjects, and phenomena that you want to study in more detail.


It is important to evaluate the creative and individual psychological characteristics of the individual, which will ensure the successful performance of any activity, the memorization of a large amount of information.

Modern realities

Schoolchildren should be aware of which specialties are in demand in the labor market, what is the probability of finding a job quickly after graduation, what is the remuneration of specialists in the chosen field.

Stages of selection
The choice of profession is recommended to be made in 3 stages:
Cognition of one’s own “I”

This includes an assessment of your health, interests, temper, abilities, knowledge, and skills.

Search for comprehensive information about the profession: about the subject, purpose, and working conditions, about possible ways of mastering this profession, about medical contraindications, personal requirements, wages, and the demand for the specialty in the labor market.

Correlating yourself with the type of chosen profession. It is important to understand which of the five types of people you belong to (man-sign system, man-technique, man-nature, man-artistic image, man-man).

Understand your abilities and aspirations

To understand yourself, your abilities, and aspirations, you can go several ways:

Find out your abilities in individual subjects

Analyze which school subjects are interesting to you, which ones are easy, and in which ones you have to struggle. Connect with teachers if you can’t figure it out yourself. This often happens when a person has the same inclinations for different disciplines, for example, exact and natural sciences.

Take the tests

Another way is to pass tests for professional orientation. Several proven questionnaires are quite easy to find on the Internet. The main condition is to answer honestly. Then this method will provide you with invaluable help in knowing yourself and will allow you to outline further ways of development.

To understand the world of professions

The next important step is to understand the world of professions. Schoolchildren have much more opportunities for this now than even 20 years ago:

Create a list of the most interesting jobs

After the information is collected and studied, make a list of professions that interest you in order of priority. The list should not be large: 2-5 specialties that meet all your criteria are quite enough. It is best if the list contains 2-3 to choose from.

Try your favorite professions

The theory is good, but you can never really understand what awaits you without practice. Therefore, be sure to try on your favorite careers.

There are several ways to do this:

If everything is clear with courses, thematic circles, and excursions to production, internships for schoolchildren, as a rule, cause a lot of questions. We tell you in more detail what it is.

Internships for high school students are a period of work in production to introduce young people to the profession from the inside. So, the project “Professional Internships” has been operating in the capital, which allows students of grades 7-11 to visit the company they are interested in, visit the production, face the profession firsthand.

There are several ways to find an internship for schoolchildren:
How to choose a university by a course

However, the students have one more task. In addition to their course, they need to choose an educational institution in which they will continue their studies. And this choice is also of great importance.

Here are some tips that you should definitely pay attention to when choosing an educational institution:

Why is the right choice so important?

The choice of a future profession is of great importance. Since you will spend most of your life at work. It’s one thing to enjoy the professional activity, it’s another to go to work for a salary. When professional activity allows you to unleash your inner potential, realize your best qualities, it becomes a favorite hobby. A paid hobby! Do not be lazy to ask about your future back in grades 8-9, so that you have enough time to analyze the information received and make the right decision.

Of course, it’s never too late to change something in your life and, having understood yourself, get another, exactly the right education. But it takes years to study. Time is the most valuable and irreplaceable resource that a person has. Remember this when deciding where and for whom to go to study!

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