How To Attract More Buyers to Your Online Store

How To Attract More Buyers to Your Online Store

Building a digital business enterprise can be ideal for startups. There is low overhead as you don’t need to afford a brick and mortar office or store space, utilities and taxes for that space, or an in-person retail sales staff. It’s even possible to make this business model work with a starter staff of one.

But now that you’ve created your online store, how do you get buyers in the door? Without a brick-and-mortar location in South Florida, you won’t have the benefit of community awareness and foot traffic.

However, there are plenty of other ways to encourage and maintain a steady customer flow through your inventory. Here’s how you can attract more buyers to your online store.

Bring on a Consultant or Outsource Marketing

With all the money saved on not having to rent store space, you may want to invest in hiring an expert to help you market and set your business plan. Business consultant Jasdeep Singh recommends finding a consultant to perform an audit and improve their business operations. This means streamlining to minimize wasted resources and creating a scalable model that leaves plenty of room for growth and development.

While you may want to bring a marketing or business professional onto your team in a salaried position, outsourcing can be a great way to work with the best of the best, affordably.

Improve Internal Navigation and Design

Confusing linking, lack of substantial information about products, and disjointed layout can make shopping a nightmare. Be sure that when you design or commission your site’s design, you focus on creating a linear path that your clients follow to locate the products they need and check out. This will lead to fewer carts being abandoned and increase the average time clients spend shopping in your store.

A few elements that you can focus on to help with this are:

  • Descriptive and meaningful labels
  • Uniform design (example: the “Go to cart” option is always a green button)
  • A simple color scheme with a few repeated colors
  • Include options for “Go back” or “Return to home” to simplify movement
  • Try out tabs or drop-down menus
  • Large, readable text
Advertise on Social Media

Social media can be a great way to give potential buyers a taste of what they can buy in your store. You can embody and present the lifestyle of your usual customer with trendy pictures and relatable captions.

Create product breakdowns and launch deals by paying a little extra to promote your posts. This means your post will get put in front of users even if they aren’t already following you.

When you’re on a site like Instagram, liking posts by similar companies and following influencers can be a great way to network.

You can even query an influencer (someone with thousands or even millions of followers) to see if they’d promote your products on their page. Lower tier influencers may take a free product in exchange for promotion. Others will require financial compensation that can be decided upon initiating the partnership.

The Bottom Line

Your digital store is what you make it. Whether you are selling things you’ve personally made or a curated selection from artisan sources, you have the potential to build an empire from your small patch of the internet.

Use some of these tips to help you attract and keep more consumers in your store. With more foot traffic, you’ll see higher profits and hopefully a higher conversion rate as well.



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