How long does Delta-8 THC stay in your System?

How long does Delta-8 THC stay in your System?

Many people who use hemp and marijuana-based products are often interested in knowing how long the compounds last in their system, and the reason for this is obvious. Cannabis is one plant that elicits a lot of negative reactions from the non-smoking public, which forms a vast majority of the general population. But there is more. Many people in the workplace take drug tests before getting a job or periodically while on the job. This is true for federal government workers. So having Delta 8 compounds in your system can lead to a failed drug test, and a failed test will not paint you in a positive light.

Why you should know more about Delta-8

If you use Delta 8 THC regularly, we are sure you will want to know how long the compounds remain in your body. Many people have lost life-changing opportunities simply because they failed a drug test, and we don’t want that to be your experience. So in this article, we will let you know the factors that cause Delta 8 to remain long in the system and the steps you can take to flush it out before taking a drug test.

How long does Delta-8 remain in the body? 

According to various findings, Delta 8 will remain in your system due to the following factors.

How often you use it: If you are a constant user of Delta 8, expect it to remain in your bloodstream constantly. The length of time Delta 8 will remain in the body varies from user to user. However, if you use it several times every week, the frequency of use will make it impossible for your system to break its metabolites down to be flushed out. This means that it will remain in your system until you stay away from it for several weeks.

Potency: The potency level will depend on the type of Delta 8 product you use. If you use a product with a high THC level, it will take time for the compounds to metabolize in your system. The stronger the THC level, the longer it will remain in your system.

Method of Consumption: The method of consumption is another factor that will cause Delta 8 to remain in your system for a significant period of time. If you take it in the form of edibles (gummies, root), it will last for the longest because edibles take a longer time to digest. If you administer it through a syringe, drops, or smoke it, digestion is quicker.

Body Composition: Your body composition will also determine how long Delta 8 THC will remain in your body. If you have a very fast metabolic rate that breaks down food and fluids quickly, Delta 8 THC will flush quicker than someone with a slower rate of metabolism.

Now that you know the factors that will influence how long Delta 8 lasts in the body, we want to look at the type of tests available and what duration of usage they can spot.

Types of Drug tests

Urine Test: One way to conduct a drug test is to test the urinal sample of a patient. Urine tests tend to detect drugs taken over an extended period. If you take Delta 8 THC 72 hours or 30 days before the test, a urine test will show it. This is why many employers use it to identify long-term drug users.

Saliva Test: This test will highlight Delta 8 use within a short window of 24 hours or a week after use. Any user who took Delta 8 10 days or more before the test will pass it should they be subjected to a Saliva test.

Blood Test: A blood test is by far the most effective way to check for long-term use of 3 hours to about 3 months before the test. It is far-reaching and the most common type of drug test conducted. 

How to Prevent Delta-8 from lasting longer in your body

There are proven ways to rid your system of Delta 8 on time before a drug test. Even if you don’t have an upcoming test, but you just want to clean your system to maintain optimum health, here are some tips to imbibe.

  • Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Constant water intake hastens metabolism 
  • Stop using Delta 8 for an extended period to give your body time to break down existing compounds
  • Eat a healthy diet 
  • Exercise as often as possible 

If you follow the above tips, your body will flush out Delta 8 metabolites.



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