How ITIL can help you grow your career as a project manager

How ITIL can help you grow your career as a project manager

The global IT Service Management Forum states that ITIL offers the best platform for practicing and learning project management. It is an internationally recognized institution in providing IT service management. It provides quality IT service for both business and customer perspective.

The Role of Project management

It is a known fact that service management is the backbone of any IT service to actively support the business requirements. It facilitates business transformation. ITIL describes that service management is not just concerned with delivering services. It is rather a part of the life cycle and it maintains the complete life cycle including strategy planning and continual improvement.

The Role of ITIL

Any organization is able to keep its business running by efficient service providers. And the most important of them is IT. Whether you are serving as a project manager in the IT sector or not, you might be serving in any form of IT as a hardware technician, software service provider or infrastructure manager. So here comes the need for basic knowledge of ITIL, ITIL defines the following roles of a service manager

1 Explains the service and its levels according to an organization’s needs

2 Keeps an eye on the requirements essential for a business growth

3 Keeps on reviewing the services to make sure their future reliability

Relevant to project managers

ITIL is a leading platform for services. So if a project manager is planning to involve in IT services, ITIL is the best option for him. In the starting level, you will be made to understand the context of your working environment. ITIL is the best breakthrough to become a valuable project manager. It enables IT service managers to identify, plan, manage and practice the services in any organization. These are the main project life cycles stages:

  • Definition
  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Closure
Expert Project Manager

It is a question often asked whether a project manager should be a master of the subject matter of his project to present it successfully. The answer is that you do not need to be an expert in every field. It would be literally impossible. But you should have a sufficient amount of information about its background. This makes the role of ITIL foundation more important is a proven resource of learning. It makes you a good project manager having sufficient knowledge to apply management and leadership tactics suitable to the situation.


Project managers posts are competitive in the market. With the growth of the economy, the products service is getting high in demand. Now the project planning trend is on the rise.

Projects and services are going side by side with each other.ITIL is a prominent institution to provide standard services in this regard. The people getting ITIL project manager certificate are in high demand.ITIL aptly knows the main structure of a service, its different aspects and ways to implement them. Project managers at ITIL are well equipped with good handling of project and proceeding it successfully.

A competent project manager

ITIL project manager certificate is valuable as it makes you perfect in handling any project as an individual or as a team. He proceeds the project successfully and delivers the expected results. As we know that a project manager is the leader of the whole project. If he is capable enough to handle every aspect of business then there is less risk of business loss. He is a mixture of project management qualities and technical skills to be able to make the right decisions.

Prepare you for changing demands

In the present age, clients have empowered to device any desired change in the project at any stage of the project. New terminologies have been introduced to define “project”. In the past project was meant to make a new service or product from the initial level. But these days project is liable to any change essential for the product. By achieving ITIL® V4 Certification, a project manager would be capable enough to modify any change without taking any stress. ITIL will help them manage new strategies and make modern plans to handle any sudden change. Also to tackle any technical detail by themselves. That would be definitely beneficial and time saving for the company.

Communicating with vendors

Every project has both hardware and software needs and for this, there is a need for internal and external vendors. Although there is always an efficient team to deal with vendors. But the project manager should not be ignorant of all the communication process between the vendor and the person from the team. A project manager who knows all the details of the vendor’s deals and requirements of the project is actually a successful manager. If any problem takes place in the technical development or project design, then it is the project manager who addresses well all the issues by communicating to vendors in an effective way. If a project manager is ITIL certified with knowledge in different fields like service transition and service strategy, he could manage all these issues in a professional way.ITIL enables them to have better insight to handle any challenge by their qualification. They are able to achieve leads and deliver the best outcome.

Skills at ITIL

ITIL certificate enables the project managers in the following:

1 Analysing the changing management importance

2 Keeping a record of all the services which are part of the business

3 Managing the IT service and maintaining discipline

  • Modify and deal with any change in IT infrastructure
  • Maximize the work efficiency of different departments as ITIL provides the project managers multiple skills.
Best Training for ITIL

Best training for ITIL is provided by Knowledgehut which is of international standard and it gives certificates too. ITIL certificate is highly recommended for any person planning to pursue his career as a project manager. It will turn them into perfect project managers. This will definitely add value to your career profile. It is an affirmation of your project management skills and knowledge By having this certificate you can :

1 Progress well in your career

2 Earn a handsome salary

3 Hope for promotions


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