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How Effective Are Weight Loss Pills?

How Effective Are Weight Loss Pills?

How Effective Are Weight Loss Pills?

Weight loss supplements have gained popularity as among the best ways to achieve your desired weight and body shape, and fitness levels.

Many people who have used some of these pills claim that they work. As anyone would expect, the effectiveness of these pills varies. We’ve also heard of people promoting weight loss pills that are neither safe nor effective.

Moreover, research has it that the effectiveness of some of these pills will depend on how consistent you are with your dieting and workout plans. On this note, here are a few things that determine how effective weight loss pills are.

The Pills Need To Be Backed Up By Research

Today the market is flooded with a wide range of products and pills that claim to help cut down those extra pounds. But one thing is for sure. If you need something that will assure you of achieving what you want in terms of weight loss, you need to make sure that the pills you go for are backed by science and lengthy research. In some of her most recent detailed reviews, renowned author Kristin Hitchcock puts her money on several high-ranking products on the market. Some of these include PhenQ, LeanBean, and several fat-burning products from reputed manufacturers.

We all know that working out and putting yourself under a diet is the best way to lose weight. However, the idea that a single pill can do that for you without the need to work out interests many people. Therefore, most people will go for this option and, in most cases, blindly without knowing what works. If you have to use weight loss pills, make sure the effectiveness claims are backed by science.

Some Types of Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills are generally categorized into two; prescription drugs and over the counter supplements. Prescription drugs will be written down for you by medical personnel, while the latter can be bought anywhere without a prescription.

Prescription weight loss pills

Based on the research done by the Food and Drug Administration, five prescription drugs are effective in long-term weight loss. Some of these include:

OTC weight loss pills

As earlier mentioned, there is a wide range of over the counter weight loss pills, but not all of them may be effective. They have flooded the physical stores, as well as online retail stores and individual websites. Some of them are even marketed on social media. Before choosing a weight loss supplement, be sure to do some research. Determine how the supplement is made, who makes it, what it contains, and what other users are saying about it.

Have a Detailed Workout Plan

Weight loss pills are more effective when the user is observing their diet and working out. The pills do not magically make you less heavy if you are not doing anything. The pills only act as a catalyst, promoting change once you have worked out and are strict on your diet. While these pills on their own will help you lose about 5 to 10 percent of your total weight, when combined with a strategic workout plan, the results are exemplary.

Losing weight is a process, and most people prefer using pills to hasten the process. The effectiveness of these pills depends on the product itself, usage consistency, and whether or not you are involved in other activities that support weight loss. When you decide to use weight loss pills, choose wisely!


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