How did Modern-day Bingo come into existence?

How did Modern-day Bingo come into existence?Games such as poker or online bingo sites don’t have a high house edge.

From a ‘lottery-type game’ in Italy to ‘Beanos’ at fairs and carnivals in America, Bingo had its fair share of popularity during the ancient times. But today, we have an online bingo community that is expanding by the day to share and spread the love for this game.

The bingo-based applications and websites are offering features such as ticket pre-purchase, chats, and even linked membership cards for becoming a premium player. In fact, with the popularity of mobile devices and online gaming, mobile payment methods such as Boku and Apple Pay are offering to add the bingo deposits to prepaid cards, vouchers, or to the phone bill that doesn’t require sharing financial details online. 

Here’s a brief flashback of your beloved game ‘Bingo’.

Digital Revolution of Bingo 

It was in 1996 when Bingo was first introduced to the online platform. America’s Bingo Zone was the very first platform to launch the game for online gamers. However, Bingo Blitz was the first site for the game in the UK. Although the original site was extremely basic, it helped in paving the way for the online bingo world. This edition of the game soon witnessed a base of operators joining the virtual realm with their idea of Bingo. 

Despite the site being extremely basic, Bingo Blitz created quite a buzz and is still operational even after 20 years. Most experts of the game state that Bingo Zone and Bingo Blitz were two games that helped kick start the online bingo craze. Although a lot basic initially, these games helped in building a proper foundation to grow a bingo community online. 

Further, a significant recognition was bestowed upon online Bingo when Facebook launched the game on its platform in 2011. Once they launched a series of free-to-play bingo apps, the game witnessed an increased reach with players from around the world and also introduced the channel to a number of real-money players. The best part is that games such as poker or online bingo sites don’t have a high house edge.

Modern-day Bingo 

This ancient game of gambling has evolved a lot with time. It has taken the world by storm with the number of bingo sites that offer the game online. In the year 2000, there were only 20 active bingo sites, but today that number has shot through the roof. With all the modern technologies being implemented on gaming websites and applications, players today get to play along with their friends and get more involved with the game without even stepping outside of their couch. They can sit on their sofa, cuddling in their favourite pj’s and play their beloved bingo games. 

Over the last 5 years, we saw visitors to WhichBingo on the mobile increase from 13% back in 2013 to almost 60% in 2018.

With numerous websites adding up all the time, the bingo community is growing by leaps and bounds. With modern bingo websites, not only can you gain access to a fantastic game but can also chat and make new friends while playing. 

Today, you’ll come across online bingo sites with live games. Additionally, there are social hubs, groups and forums, where players talk about the game. And not just discussion, people are having fun while interacting with likeminded people in their Bingo specific lingo. 

For us, Bingo is undoubtedly a Heavens Gate (78)! 😉

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