How Can You Hire a Corporate Lawyer?

Whether you like it or not, sooner than later, your company is going to need a great lawyer by its side.

A corporate attorney can assist your business in a number of ways. But the best way to think about a corporate lawyer is that they are the fortresses who protect your kingdom.

As you expand your business, you want to make sure you remain compliant so you remain protected from lawsuits and other violations. But how do you go about hiring a lawyer?

How Can You Hire a Corporate Lawyer?

Here’s how to hire a great corporate lawyer:

Use Legal Services

With so many types of lawyers around, it’s hard to narrow down the best attorneys for your business. The ideal option is to use commercial legal services to find them.

These services will narrow down the best attorneys based on your specifications. Whether you’re a fledgling startup or a multinational corporation, you’ll find a great corporate lawyer using these services.

Ask for References

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of corporate lawyers, you want to get a few real-life case studies.

Ask your network if they’ve worked with any of the lawyers whom you’ve found. They can give you honest feedback on whether or not they liked the experience.

Lawyers can’t give specific details due to client confidentiality. However, lawyers can give you a broad picture of their track record. You want to take the time to speak to as many lawyers as you can. Don’t be in a rush to choose an attorney.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list even further, the next step is consulting them.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, you have the chance to vet the lawyer. Make sure you take your time to ask as many questions as you wish.

While lawyers are busy, they should show interest in your concerns. If you feel that they’re in a rush to move on to the next client, that’s an immediate red flag.

You should be able to schedule a consultation that’s no less than an hour long. If a lawyer doesn’t have time to spare even one hour, then you should move on to the next one.

Ask them about their working process. You want to choose a lawyer who works well with your style. No matter how talented they are, if you don’t see eye-to-eye on working style, this will cause issues in the long run.

Make sure you ask them about how many other clients they have. You might want to choose a lawyer who works with a few clients at a time. This ensures they can pour more energy into your company.

You must also ask them how to terminate their services if you’re not satisfied. This isn’t the most comfortable question but you want to know how to opt-out before you opt-in!

Do Your Research About Legal Help

Some corporate lawyers offer a variety of services while others focus on one specialization.

You can choose to have one corporate lawyer handle several tasks. Or you can hire multiple corporate lawyers, each with a different task.

You have to look at your company’s needs. Do you need a corporate lawyer to constantly check if you’re being compliant? Do you need a corporate lawyer to prepare contracts on a regular basis?

Consider all the reasons why you might need a corporate lawyer. Make sure you understand these needs in detail before your consultation.

Approaching Lawsuits

There might come a time in your company when you’ll be presented with a lawsuit. Either you’ll have to sue someone or you’ll have to protect your company when it’s being sued!

You want to choose a great corporate lawyer who has experience with both sides of litigation. Ask them if they can provide you with case studies of how they fought cases.

They should also give you an accurate number of how many cases they’ve won versus how many they’ve lost. You also want to also ask them about their “fighting” style.

In this scenario, don’t worry if their style doesn’t meet your style! If you need to get involved in litigation, you want a lawyer who’s willing to be ruthless. While you might not be comfortable with an aggressive approach, this might be the best approach for your company.

It’s always best to hire a corporate lawyer with several years of experience in litigation. This is the part of law you wish to avoid but you want to be prepared for no matter what!

Paying Your Corporate Lawyer

The next consideration is how much to pay your corporate lawyer and payment plans.

Some lawyers will charge a flat rate for their services. Others might charge by the hour. You’ll have to consider how often you’ll need your lawyer for their services.

Make sure you also ask them about payment plans. For most businesses, legal help is costly and can be a burden on your company’s budget. You want to choose a corporate lawyer who’s willing to offer payment plan options.

Do a Test Run

In some cases, you can hire a corporate lawyer without needing a long-term commitment.

If this option is available to you, then hire a lawyer for one task. For example, let’s say you haven’t started your business yet. In this scenario, you want to hire a corporate lawyer to help you register your business.

They’ll suggest the best legal structure for your type of business. They can also recommend which jurisdictions are ideal for your business.

Depending on the type of business you’re starting, they can also help you apply for licenses, permits, and certifications.

Hire a Corporate Lawyer

Now you know what makes a great corporate lawyer and how to hire one.

Use a professional legal services website to narrow down the list of lawyers. Afterward, speak to your network to find the ideal lawyers for your company’s needs.

Schedule a consultation with the lawyers. Make sure you learn about their services and their experience with litigation. Do a test run of their services if possible.

If you need more great legal tips, you’ll find them on our website!


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