Hiring a Private Investigator: 4 Things You Didn’t Know

Hiring a Private Investigator: 4 Things You Didn't Know

When you think of a Private Investigator (PI), you might assume that all they do is catch someone practicing infidelity. However, while they are often hired to track infidelities, private investigators also do other tasks.

Most people have a general idea about private investigators, but do you really know what these sleuthing geniuses do? Here are four things you might not have known about this line of work.

1. A PI Conducts Background Checks

Need to know if your daughter’s new boyfriend is a good boy? How about checking on a potential business partner or employee? A private investigator does it all.

Hiring someone to do a background check is fairly common and ensures that you, your family, or your business is safe. There’s no shame in taking precautions!

It’s a smart decision to hire a PI for screening future employees. Sometimes a resume just isn’t enough to go on, especially when your business is on the line. Hiring a PI will give you a more detailed profile of a candidate. If a potential employee has a criminal record, it won’t stay a secret for long with a private investigator looking into it.

Be aware that not every investigator or investigation company will perform the same tasks when conducting a background check, especially when hiring abroad.

Pinpointing a thief in the workplace can be tough, and sometimes there isn’t enough evidence to prove who the culprit is. If you’re unsure who is robbing your business, hiring a private investigator is the best move. They are trained to look for suspicious behavior, and of course, conduct background checks to see how clean your employees are.

2. A PI Can Help You Locate Someone Anywhere in the World

While it might seem abrasive to hire an investigator to track the whereabouts of someone, a PI can help you find just about anyone you’re looking for worldwide. They conduct research, use public records to sort out information, and are trained to look for pieces of the puzzle that we average folks tend to miss.

A PI is like your personal detective, helping you find an acquaintance from your past whom you’ve lost touch with, give you insight about a prospective employee or employer, or even reunite you with a loved one.

If you need information on someone from out of the country, you’ll need to hire an investigator specializing in working abroad. When searching for an investigator, always remember to ask an agency or check their website to ensure they offer the services you need.   For example, this private investigation Thailand service offers background checks in Thailand as well as abroad.

3. Private Investigators Can Uncover False Compensation Claims

It’s no secret that people make false claims to gain worker’s compensation. Fraudulent claims can cost insurance companies or victims thousands upon thousands just because someone lied about being injured. In a case like this, you need someone to be caught red-handed in their lie.

Private investigators can determine whether a claim is legitimate or not by surveying a claimant. For instance, if someone claims that they can’t work or that Party A owes them compensation for an injury, a private investigator can sneakily check to see if they are indeed “injured.”  Who knows? Your investigator might find a claimant playing basketball with their bad foot. 



Whether you need to find someone, have a background check done, or catch someone committing fraud, hiring a private investigator could greatly benefit you. We hope that this spreads some light on what a PI does and why they’re hired.




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