Highest-Earning Soccer Players Of 2021

Highest-Earning Soccer Players In this article with Mightytips’ Kate Richardson, we consider some of the highest-earning soccer players on the planet. Having seen stadiums empty out in response to COVID restrictions, sports fans worldwide are witnessing a return to normalcy.

This is particularly true for soccer fans who suffered the devastating news of cancelled leagues. Whilst fans aren’t back in the stadiums, football is back, and the soccer world gears up for the World Cup year.

Highest Earning Soccer Players Of 2021

This section outlines the highest-paid footballers in the world by their wages and endorsements.

1.     Lionel Messi

Widely regarded as a member of the topmost echelon of soccer players worldwide, Messi leads the pack with combined earnings of ninety-two million pounds (£92m). The Argentine takes home £67m from his Barcelona contract. Another £25m comes in from Messi’s endorsement deals with Pepsi and Adidas. Being a global superstar with large followings, the 6-time Balon D’or Winner is one of the game’s most exemplary and richest soccer player.

2.   Cristiano Ronaldo

As a true football fan, you more than likely rightly guessed the second player on our list. The rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi goes beyond the pitch and also reflects in their income. Cristiano Ronaldo has the largest follower count of all sportsmen globally and is regarded as the most famous sportsman on the planet. CR7 earns £51million annually at Juventus, having taken a pay cut to secure the move in 2018. His endorsement deals with Nike and Herbalife, and his own CR7 fashion line rake in another £34million for the Portuguese captain. Cristiano has won 5 Balon D’or awards and is the highest goal scorer in soccer history.

3.  Neymar

Being the most expensive footballer in world football certainly guarantees your place in the list of top-earning soccer players. The former Barcelona star earns £57m annually at PSG and is one of the most famous modern football names. The Brazilian is often touted as the next best soccer player after the pair of Ronaldo and Messi.

4.  Kylian Mbappe

Undoubtedly the leader of the new generation, Kylian Mbappe, took the soccer world by its helms when he roared to world cup glory in 2018. Three years on, the 22-year-old is being tipped as the heir to the thrones left behind by Ronaldo and Messi. In his short career, the Frenchman has amassed more than a hundred goals and is the cover face of FIFA 21. He also has a bunch of endorsement deals, including a partnership with Nike. Kylian Mbappe currently earns £30m at PSG.

5.  Mohammed Salah

A little short of the top three earners above, Mohammed Salah is the fifth highest-paid soccer player. The Egyptian has come good in the Premier League since returning to England as a Liverpool player. With several trophies and golden boot honours to his name, he’s of the game’s finest. Salah earns £17.5m per year on his Liverpool contract. His endorsement deals rake in about £9.5 million.

Some of the other notable mentions on soccer’s earnings list include Manchester United’s Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann, Gareth Bale, Robert Lewandoski, and David De Gea. These pair round up the top ten highest-paid soccer players on the planet.

Where Do The Bucks Come From In Soccer?

Sports has become a significant source of income for athletes, clubs, agents, and organisations worldwide. Most of this money is sourced from competition prizes and transfer fees. Soccer fans have also taken to platforms like Sportingbet mobile to generate funds. However, the market for soccer funds and revenues is broader than this. Some of the significant ways payments are sourced for soccer include the following methods.

  • Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a major source of revenue both for soccer clubs and competitions. For instance, soccer teams sign sponsorship deals with commercial companies for advertisement purposes. Ideally, what is being transacted here is media presence and visibility. Supporters and soccer lovers are likely to know your brand name if a prominent soccer team wears such a name on their shirts. Some popular industries that partake in sponsorship include betting companies, airlines and beverage companies.

  • Matchday Revenues

Matchday revenue figures are usually undervalued in soccer discussions. However, the economic impacts of the COVID lockdowns on soccer clubs showed just how essential ticketing fees are to the soccer clubs. Some clubs even had to reduce expenditure by offering players wage cuts to keep the clubs afloat.

  • TV Broadcast Rights

Technology has ensured that our love for football faces as little hindrance as possible. Some of these include broadcasting live matches on Tv and the internet. In this way, soccer fans worldwide can stay up to date with their favourite soccer teams, players, leagues, and competitions. For instance, the English Premier League makes an equal payment of £31.8m to each premier league team under its current broadcast deal. They are also entitled to £5m fees from the league’s commercial revenue.

  • Sales

Soccer clubs generate lots of income from jersey and merchandise sales. This is even spurred by great designs and the presence of big-name players. Soccer jerseys have now gone from team uniforms to fashion items. Soccer teams now place more emphasis on the style and design of their jerseys and other club paraphernalia. Fans want to wear the latest jerseys from their favourite players and clubs, be they home, away or the third kit jersey.

Can I Make Money As A Soccer Fan?

You’re probably wondering if you can also make some money from soccer’s largesse. The answer is yes, you can. Many soccer fans reward themselves by wagering bets on the sport. Sport betting companies are now more prominent and even have sponsorship deals with several soccer clubs. With the Sportingbet mobile, soccer fans can make income from live betting and pre-match selections from their smartphones. The Sportingbet mobile app is available on both android and iOS platforms and available to countries in Southern Africa.


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