HGH therapy: the uses and side effects

HGH therapy: the uses and side effects

HGH is now a hot-selling and popular product in the fitness industry and among athletes. Bodybuilders take HGH for achieving muscle mass, and athletes prefer it for their better performance and speed. But, it was only approved to treat some short stature children in 1985 by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is produced in the pituitary gland located just below our brain. It functions to provide spur in children, makes their muscle strength, and make them bigger. It generates most in human being’s puberty time. When we reach our puberty period, HGH from the pituitary gland emits the most. As we age, its production also decreases.

HGH is now available in the online and offline market as a form of injections, hgh pills, etc. Injections are more popular than other types of HGH.

HGH has many uses, including growing your muscles, enabling you to work harder for an extended period, increasing brain functions, and so forth. If you are seeking a weight loss product, HGH can do it for you too.

Bodybuilders take HGH

Bodybuilders aspire for more substantial muscles. HGH enables them to continue their workout for a long time with heavy weights without making tired. That’s why; HGH is very popular among bodybuilders. When you become older, you cannot take physical exercise with heavy weights for long.

Do you know why it happens? Well, with time, the generation of HGH decreases as we age. In this case, if you can level up the growth hormone by synthetic HGH inside your body, you can pursue your workouts for a long time, resulting in muscle mass.

Stronger bones with needed stamina

At a certain age, our body stops its growth meaning- we do not grow. On the other hand, HGH helps to improve our body parts. During puberty, children become taller and stronger. Children develop spur due to HGH as well. Their brains also keep sharper. But in the late 20s, children do not grow at all.

So, when you, as an adult, take HGH, it will not make you taller. Instead, your bones will become stronger and prevent them from breaking easily.

Increase Brain Function

HGH helps to level up the hormone level produced in the pituitary gland. HGH has a vital role in the proper functioning of your brain. When the level of HGH is ideal, your mind functions the best. In the same way, your brain’s function decreases when the hormone level is imbalanced.

The higher the level of HGH, the smoother your brain will function. That is why; young people have a sharp brain and memory in comparison with older people.

Enjoy developed sex drive

Young people enjoy a better sex life than older people. As I have already mentioned earlier in this article that the production of HGH in the human body decreases as they age. HGH plays a pivotal role in our sex life. When we become older, this specific ability decreases ultimately.

But at our young age, we can perform better than older age. All happen due to a hormone inside our body called Human Growth Hormone.

Athletes perform better

Speed is one of the most important things an athlete should have. Moreover, he or she has to pursue the game until it ends with full effort. Most athletes, especially the older, cannot show their best performance due to their age. With their age, they produce less HGH than younger athletes.

If an athlete takes HGH before starting his or her game, he or she will perform better than others. HGH helps to perform faster and also pursue their game with full strength to the end.

Apart from the uses, HGH has side effects itself, as well. Side effects are sometimes so vast that you may fall in great danger and ruin your career. So, visiting with your physician before consuming HGH should be the best option for you.

Side effects you may face

HGH side effects include heart disease, diabetes, more significant body parts (not all), man boobs, and so on. If you cannot take HGH according to your needs, you may suffer from various health issues aforesaid. So, let me tell you shortly these side effects one by one so that you think twice before starting HGH.

Heart Attack

Excessive consumption of HGH can enlarge your heart. When you inject HGH inside your body, it works as a stimulator to stimulate your cellular parts, including muscle and another area of your body. HGH can also be responsible for your enlarged heart.

Due to enlarging the size of your heart, you may have a heart attack, which is called cardiomegaly in medical science.

Man boobs

Another possible side effect of HGH is man boobs. You may not have heard it before. No problem at all. I will make things clear to you.

If there is an imbalance among a few hormones inside your body, it causes gynecomastia or man boobs. Hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and HGH need proper balance in them. Their imbalance will cause you this unwanted health issue, which also loses your self-esteem.

More significant body parts (not all)

HGH makes your body parts more significant when you pass the puberty time. But in your later age, if you take HGH, it will not necessarily enlarge all your body parts. It may just make your bones thicker in hands, feet, and face that may ruin your beauty.

You may have diabetes

When blood sugar goes lower, you have diabetes. Loading excess HGH in your body also causes diabetes. Hypoglycemia is a condition that occurs due to HGH and causes your diabetes. So, without loading your body with excess HGH, consult with your doctor.


HGH has both benefits and demerits for you. If you can adequately take HGH as you need, you can get its benefits. Conversely, excess consumption of HGH can lead you to dangerous health problems. So, be wise to call a doctor for advice and then start taking HGH.

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