Here’s How to Optimize Your Video for Search

Here's How to Optimize Your Video for Search

The production of video content for digital marketing purposes isn’t just a passing trend that isn’t worth investing in effort, time, and financial resources into. On the contrary, it’s becoming increasingly commonplace as an advertising tool, with a growing number of businesses of all trades and sizes embracing it wholeheartedly. After all, when compared to more popular information delivery methods such as blogging and podcasts, videos are compelling in the way in which they foster engagement from the viewers, especially when paired with one of the most visited video streaming websites, YouTube, and the best Honolulu SEO companies. And as a result, it can lead to more clicks, shares, leads and conversions, and sales. .

Like any other content advertising strategy, there are a few things that content creators must understand to optimize a video for search successfully apart from hiring SEO companies. And to get the intended outcome, I’ve laid out a few tips below that all businesses need to know. Read on to learn more.

Analyzing the performance of the content will give direction

Analytics is an important part of the process when it comes to content marketing, and the optimization of videos is no exception. There’s no way to know which areas need attention and improvement if there are no measurable numbers to speak of. And by carefully evaluating the performance of the video – from the number of views to the comments posted by active users on the page – the business will have a compass to show what works in attracting and engaging viewers and which practices don’t. And, in turn, help the organization create better video content and attract more organic traffic.

Comprehensive keyword research will lead to more visibility

Similar to other forms of content marketing, the keywords used will help direct users to the created videos. And by conducting comprehensive research on the most popular phrases relevant to the content of the video, the business will be able to determine which keywords will reel in viewers. However, it’s also well-worth noting that the way in which the chosen words are integrated within the publishing video is as important as its relevance to the content. And to maximize the visibility of the video, the keywords must be placed in the description of the video, its filename, and the title if possible.

Detailed and relevant descriptions will help the video stand out

The competition for video hosting services like YouTube is usually fierce. Because of this, it’s imperative to find ways for the content to stand out amongst the rest. And one way to successfully do so is by optimizing the description of the video. By adding essential information regarding the content such as the CTA or call-to-action and relevant keywords while taking note of the number of characters that the chosen platform displays, it’s possible to create compelling descriptions that are sure to reach out to the target users.

An appealing thumbnail will help reel in more views 

Thumbnails for videos can have a significant influence on a user’s decision to view the content. They’re essentially the equivalent of covers for books and posters for movies, it gives people an idea of whether or not the video in question is something that’ll appeal to them. As such, it’s good standard practice to ditch the thumbnail that is generated automatically by the hosting platform and opt for a custom one instead because a personalized image is far more likely to get attention than a generic thumbnail.

High quality content will keep users engaged

When all is said and done, maintaining viewership will ultimately hinge on the quality of the content. Since there isn’t a list of specific rules and guidelines to follow to meet viewership standards, it makes sense to do research on what the target audience is likely to find entertaining with the assistance of experienced and professional SEO experts from the best Honolulu SEO companies. For example, if a business is looking to attract a specific age group or demographic, then it’s crucial to produce materials on what the intended market deems valuable.

The inclusion of transcripts will make the content more accessible

The reason why businesses are leveraging digital platforms like YouTube is because of its widespread appeal and global reach. And the creation of content that is as accessible to a broader audience as it is relevant to the company will elevate its search engine optimization rankings and improve user engagement. It is for this very reason that companies should consider including transcripts instead of relying solely on the service’s automatically generated captions. Not only will this make the content much easier to mentally consume. But it’ll help boost the number of views for the content and get it indexed for SEO.

Brief and concise videos will help maintain viewer engagement

Recent studies have shown that at least seventy percent of business-related videos are often short. And this is because of the demand for concise content. Time is a precious and rare commodity for everyone these days which is why videos need to be as brief as possible without compromising their quality and entertainment value. And by working towards creating videos that are no more than three minutes long, businesses are far more likely to keep the users’ attention than they would have otherwise.

Prioritize value and avoid sales pitches

Marketing content is all about giving value to the viewers, and not about pushing sales. And a company is likely to turn off viewers by opting for the latter instead of sticking with the former. So, it’s important to always keep the users’ interests in mind when producing videos. It’ll allow the business to draw in more viewers and get more sales.

Creating video content that will appeal to a large audience and keep them engaged won’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of work, after all. But by pairing the tips mentioned above with the services of the best Honolulu SEO companies, a business will be able to generate more exposure for the content.



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