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Harvard Professor to conduct “Innovation: For Caribbean Business Growth” seminar in Jamaica

KINGSTON – According to Harvard Business School Professor, Clay Christensen, who is world-renowned for his knowledge on innovation, “Managers today have a problem. They know their companies must grow. But growth is hard, especially given today’s economic environment.

Managers know innovation is the ticket to successful growth. But they just can’t seem to get innovation right.”

On Thursday February 16, 2006 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Caribbean Business Leaders will be intellectually treated to a one-day conference featuring Professor Christensen, International bestselling author.

Professor Christensen will present on “Leading the Innovation Process: Delivering Sustainable, Profitable Growth”. The seminar is being organised by Growth Facilitators and Knowledgeworks Consulting as part of their efforts to contribute to the region’s overall socio-economic, political and cultural progress by exposing the public to world class leadership strategies.

According to Marguerite Orane, senior partner of Growth Facilitators, “This executive seminar will examine a deliberate and structured approach to the innovation process – one that is absolutely essential for Caribbean businesses today.

Clay, a former Rhodes Scholar and White House Fellow, has been a highly regarded consultant to many Fortune 100 companies. His books which include, The Innovators Dilemma and The Innovator’s Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth” have been on the New York Bestseller list.”

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