Haitian Family asked the Barack Obama Administration to Give Green Cards to all U.S. Immigrants

Werley Nortreus's little sister with Joe Biden
Werley Nortreus’s little sister with Joe Biden (then VP Biden)

[PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti] – The day the Nortreus family met with the current U.S. President Joe Biden was in 2013 or 2014.  But Joe Biden was Vice President at the time. The picture above is a picture of Werley Nortreus’s little sister with Joe Biden.

The Nortreus Family

The Nortreus family is a Haitian family that is always useful to society, and they have done a lot of contributions to the advancement of society. The day the Nortreus family met Joe Biden was a special day to them because it was a meeting for the Nortreus family to meet Barack Obama who was President of the U.S. at the White House.

The Nortreus family is a highly educated family and one of the most powerful families in Haiti. The former U.S. Senator and Vice President Joe Biden now described as the current President of the United States, one of the best and largest countries in the world. I remind you that Joe Biden has been a member of the Democratic Party since he was a longtime senator.

Meeting Joe Biden as VP

At the time the Nortreus family met with Joe Biden, Barack Obama was president. A member of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden served as the 47th vice president from 2009 to 2017 under Barack Obama and represented Delaware in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009. Now, Joe Biden is the 46th U.S. President and Kamala Harris is Vice President.


“President Joe Biden is very inspiring and proves that people can always accomplish their dreams even when they will take little time to achieve. At any age, people can always fulfill their dreams. Thank you, Joe Biden, for inspiring me to always follow my dreams even if my dreams are taking a while. Don’t be discouraged and all of my dreams will come true soon”, said Mr. Werley Nortreus, a Haitian political leader and founder of Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti and Haitians Lives Matter.

In the Nortreus family, you will find leaders, intellectuals, philosophers, pastors, evangelists, musicians, doctors, businessmen, nurses, authors, entrepreneurs, politicians, and others who hold high positions in society. According to much research, the Nortreus family is one of the families fighting hard to change the current situation in Haiti and the situation of Haitians living in the diaspora as well.

The Nortreus family even asked the Barack Obama administration to give immigrants living in the United States green cards because immigrants work hard to improve the U.S. economy. Well, today, Joe Biden becomes President, and he signs to give green cards to all immigrants.

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