Haile Selassie Documentary for New York Screening

NEW YORK – ‘Man of the Millennium’, a documentary on the life of Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, will be screened in New York City on Saturday (Jan.19) at the Oberia Dempsey Centre in Harlem.

Written and produced by 28-year old Ethiopian native, Tikher Teferra, the feature offers never before seen footage of Selassie, who is considered to be the religious figure for God incarnate among the Rastafarian movement, which was founded in Jamaica.

A statement from 4th Avenue Films, which is collaborating with Exodus Films on the New York screening, said that the documentary will offer viewers a chance to “set the record straight” about Selassie.

“This film uniquely provides Ethiopians at home and abroad and locals with the history to prepare for their future. It is a must see for all. Man of the Millennium is a candid presentation of the facts, yet highly entertaining. Audiences will walk away thoroughly informed about Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia,” the statement said.

Voted as Time Magazine’s Man of the Year in 1930, Haile Selassie visited Jamaica on April 21, 1966 and was greeted upon his arrival at the then Palisadoes Airport in Kingston by an estimated 100,000 Rastafarians from across the country. He died on August 27, 1975 following complications from an operation.

To this day, Haile Selassie is still seen as the black Messiah, who will lead the people of Africa and the African Diaspora to freedom.

A promising filmmaker, Teferra’s other film project, ‘Back to my Roots – Living in Zion’, has been chosen as one of several films on reggae and Rastafarianism that will be featured at the Reggae Film Festival in Kingston in February, which is Black History Month.

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