GWAAN!, a new group, says: “Not Enough People Know Enough About Marcus Garvey and His Works”

MIAMI GARDENS – Garvey Writers, Artists, & Artisans Network (GWAAN!) says, not enough people know about the influential role played by Marcus Garvey leading up to, and during, the renowned era called the Harlem Renaissance.

According to Garveyites, as well as certain scholars and historians, Garvey’s influence on Black life in that period (1916 to 1926) was so significant, and so noted – even by his opponents – that the continuing lack of acknowledgement of that important fact seems – to many – merely one more part of a deliberately-maintained ‘conspiracy of silence’ about the man.

Marcus Garvey

There are those who think this on-going reluctance to give Garvey his due respect may be related to the yet un-dead Duboisian Determinative of the assumed responsibility (and presumed responsiveness) of the ‘Talented Tenth in uplifting their ‘less blessed’ brothers and sisters. Such an approach was, and is, in clear contrast to Garvey’s faith in the Common Man’s willingness and ability to effect ‘Negro Improvement.’

GWAAN! LAUNCH and Peter Tosh Birthday Tribute

It is for this reason and others, that a group (GWAAN! – Garvey Writers, Artists, & Artisans Network) has been established; to confront this rather strange drought of sincere and sustained acknowledgement, and to give Marcus Garvey (and his wives) their due recognition and respect, particularly for the Garveyite role in Black arts and culture, which is much less recognized than his ideological-economic-political impact.

As another example of Marcus Garvey’s hidden influence: It is doubtful how many Black artists in any genre (including ‘stars’ of reggae and hip-hop) realize that both of these genres are products of the seeds planted by Garvey in the United States and Jamaica.

“I agree with Prof. Tony Martin that there is a definite need ‘to elevate the Garvey Movement to a position of major importance in the literary epoch of what is popularly known as the Harlem Renaissance,’” says the group’s founder, Ras Don Rico Ricketts, who is chairman of South Florida’s Marcus Garvey Celebrations Committee, which is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its activities.

In highlighting Marcus Garvey’s literary and artistic importance, GWAAN! sees it as most appropriate to have its launch during this year’s on-going 125th Anniversary Celebrations of Marcus Garvey’s birth, and to make the work of Reggae Legend Peter Tosh a special celebration in its annual calendar.

Event Details

When: Friday, October 19, at 7:00 PM,
and Sunday, October 21, 2012, from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

WHERE: Sophia’s Garden, 3450 NW 169 Terrace, Miami Gardens, Florida

WHY: To Honor the Garveys (Amy Jacques, Amy Ashwood, Marcus Mosiah) for their role in Politics, Art, and Culture, and to provide opportunities for networking and regular interactions between Black Writers, Artists, and Artisans.

For more information email [email protected]

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