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Which is the most popular commercial raft trip in Grand Canyon?

This is the question frequently asked by our clients. You may be surprised to learn that it is not a paddle trip, dory or oar trip. If fact, if you combine all of these raft trips together, it still isn’t as popular as the full canyon, 6-8 day motor trip.

What makes it so favorable that more people opt for this trip over every other raft type and route? Read below!

Besides the physical nature of a paddle raft trip, the next most active and exciting adventure is a full canyon motor trip, and here’s why: On this adventure, you’re seeing and doing more every day; ideal for children and adults alike who enjoy their days packed with action.

Traveling between 8-9mph in a motor raft vs. 3-4 mph in a non-motor raft, this trip covers twice the distance in half the time making it possible to see the full canyon in just 6-8 days, vs. 12-18 when comparing to a non-motor rafting trip. This active itinerary means more sights seen daily and often times more stops for off raft adventure.

Including time for side canyon hiking opportunities to magnificent attractions only found in the canyon.




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