Gramps Morgan: The New Face of CY Clothing

MIRAMAR – Dada Son Entertainment
is proud to announce that Gramps Morgan
is the new face of CY Clothing Inc.

According to Gramps, “CY Clothing and I have a relationship that goes way back, to when I was a child. CY identifies with what I stand for which is culture, happiness, and love amongst the human race and that’s evident in their brand; and it identifies with my brand, Gramps Morgan.”

“I’ve wanted to do a clothing line for a long time and I wanted to join forces with the CY Evolution brand. They’re always supportive of me when I go on tour, so I said why not! Let’s join forces and take this to another level. I have so many ideas to improve the brand and they are excited about it.”

Gramps Morgan in CY Gear.

Meanwhile Gramps’ manager and partner, Anthony Alexander says, “This is a very exciting time for the Dada Son family. Under this new partnership comes the newest edition to the Dada Son merchandise catalogue; a brand new Gramps Morgan clothing line designed by CY Evolution.”

A Statement from CY Evolution’s Homer Bair, “CY Evolution is proud to announce that effective immediately. Gramps Morgan will be the face and the voice of CY Evolution.

Gramps Morgan is truly one of the greatest talents in Reggae music. His lyrics and music express the joy of Reggae.

CY Evolution is the premier Reggae Wear Manufacturer. Our designs express the true values of Reggae.

This union will enable CY Evolution to combine the musical inspiration from Gramps, with our unique and captivating artwork. This is a very exciting moment for Reggae, and the entire world.”

CY culture is rooted in reggae, music, art and fashion. These walk hand in hand with personal style and self-expression. CY is for all people of all nations. CY is inspired by the faces, races, shapes and sizes of all humanity.

CY is currently available in stores in the Caribbean, North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

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