Gramps Morgan on a Solo Journey

By: Yolan Zanders

KINGSTON, Jamaica – When I did my first interview with Morgan Heritage over a decade ago, I was naively unaware that their sudden appearance in Jamaica via Brooklyn New York was the fulfillment of a family project that will span their entire lifetime.

A member of the internationally acclaimed Reggae group Morgan Heritage, and one of 17 sons of the legendary Denroy Morgan, Gramps aka Gramps Morgan is setting out to fulfill the prophecy of his father, that one day all would trod on their own journey to claim solo stardom.

The Burly vocalist and keyboard player, has began his trod.


“This has always been a plan of my father” he affirms, “We are all on an individual journey to express ourselves.”

After nearly three decades as a family band, they have toured almost every continent on earth performing for millions of people worldwide. Now the tight knit family is on a mission to re-invent themselves, feeding fans a multitude of new soundscapes.

“We all want to re-introduce ourselves to our fans.” He quipped.

“Over the years fans worldwide have demanded a little bit of everyone. Some want a little more gramps, a little more mojo, a little more Una. Now the time has come.”

However the hiatus doesn’t mean the band has split. It is simply a musical evolution. Though the productions are individual, it is a family project.

The aim of this new phase will see all five members moving into five different genres of music.

From Rock to Neo Soul and Roots Reggae, the siblings are aiming to diversify the Urban music scene.

In the case of Gramps Morgan he will be sticking to Roots Reggae and Lovers Rock. Now in studios completing his double disc album, the soon to be released solo project will have two sides to the music.

“The fun side and the conscious side.” He duly notes.

The album is to be released on his own Dada Son Entertainment Imprint, a subsidiary of the Morgan family’s Gedion Music Group.

“I want to get personal with my fans, Cause everyone have problems. I want to reason with my fans. My music is about healing, heart to heart.” He stated passionately.

In a time when Reggae is suffering a doldrum, and dancehall becoming nothing but a cache of cliché’ slangs and slogans, Gramps feels it’s the right time to go solo.

“Gramps Morgan is about to bring a fresh sound and spur new feelings” he smiles.

Digging further, Gramps opened up to reveal that he has a hidden love for the Dancehall subgenre.

“Dancehall’s real potential hasn’t been tapped, some people in the business circumvent creativity for instant cash, and that makes it hard for those making real good music.”

He lists Monster Shack members RoundHead and Ghost as a handpicked group of artist who still have the potential to break the mold of dancehall’s stereo type.

Once Gramps completes Dada Son’s recording studio sometime next year, he promises to bring a whole new soundscape to the forefront of Reggae.

Set apart from his solo musical pursuits and music production, Gramps also manages Hawaiian female Reggae singer Irie Love, whose Debut album “Life Of Love” was produced under his imprint.

A fully fledged entertainment company Gramps Morgan’s Dada Son brand has delved into other aspects of media including independent films, merchandising and online ventures.

With a highly anticipated solo debut single set for release later this year, it is clear, Gramps Morgan is ready to fulfill his father prophecy.

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