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Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

As a student, you have to live with the fact that essay writing will be part of your academic life. As you strive your way through college education, part of it will include writing more than a few essays. Some of them will be straightforward and perhaps rare, others, however, may appear frequently, and may also teach you a thing or two about handling any essay that comes your way. One such essay is the compare and contrast essay. This kind of essay contributes, not just to your grades in school, but to your cognitive development as well. These kinds of essays allow you to enlist the positive and negative elements of any particular subject. But first, let us learn a few things about a compare and contrast essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

What is a compare and contrast essay?

If the name is anything to go by, a compare and contrast essay will tackle comparison and counterpoints. Usually, the essay will discuss two or more subjects. The objective then would be to explore and come up with similarities and differences between the subjects being discussed. 

For instance, if the essay topic asks you to compare and contrast “Attending a college course vs. distance-based learning,” you should have points that give similarities; like equal opportunity to learn. You should also discuss differences like social interaction and a chance to develop networking vs. not having such connections for distance-based learning. 

Understanding a Compare and Contrast Essay 

You can never really hope to tackle a compare and contrast essay unless you can clearly define the two major terms involved here. If you are given a topic – which often would contain at least two subjects – you need to identify the similarities between the subjects. These similarities may vary in scope, nature, degree, or magnitude. However, there have to be some commonalities. Similarities will form the basis of the comparison. On the other hand, contrasting will require you to list and discuss the differences between the two subjects. You should be able to find differences between the subjects.

Some students may find it really hard to freely express themselves in a compare and contrast essay. They may seek essay writing help from an essay service. This is a mature decision because a good essay service can help you define subjects in this case. These services have a plethora of other (academic) things they can help you with. 

Picking compare and contrast essay topics

Just as we have discussed, writing a compare and contrast essay requires you to understand and define the major terms involved. When picking a topic, or topics, you need to ensure the subjects have something to share – some sort of relationship. For example, you cannot pick subjects like, “why climate change is important,” and “humans on the moon.” You will not have enough points to write a good essay on such subjects. It’s hard to compare and contrast the subjects on such a topic.

Therefore, when picking a topic for a compare and contrast essay, you need to ensure the subjects have something in common. That said, you also need to ensure they are not identical in nature. For instance, “Humans on the moon vs. Astronomy.” You may not have many points to argue differences in this kind of topic. This defeats the purpose of a compare and contrast essay. 

Compare and contrast essay topics

A reminder that a good compare and contrast topic for your essay should allow you to argue both similarities and differences. Need help, consider using PaperWriter reviews as a resource. You can pick topics from different groups. Here we will group these topics for you;

Compare and contrast essay topics in Technology

  • Mobiles vs. tablets
  • Android vs iOS
  • Netflix or Amazon Prime
  • 4D or 3D movies
  • Twitter or Meta
  • Classroom learning vs E-learning
  • PS or Xbox
  • IoT vs Machine Learning
  • Human conversations or bots
  • To have a social media account or not
  • One Plus or Apple

Compare and contrast topics in College

  • Emergency fund or not
  • Part-time job vs. partying in college
  • Private vs. Public college
  • College education vs. just High school
  • Library or E-books
  • Cloud classrooms or not
  • Virtual vs physical classrooms
  • Seminars vs classes
  • College or something else
  • Picking disciplines and career success

Compare and contrast topics in Healthcare

  • Chemical drugs or not
  • Clinics or hospitals: which is better for care?
  • Female doctors vs Male doctors
  • Allopathic vs. Homeopathic medication
  • Alternative healthcare or not
  • Natural remedies vs modern medicine
  • Psychiatrist vs phycologist: who’s who?
  • Should you use plastic surgery or not
  • Stationery or mobile healthcare units
  • Care at home vs. care at hospitals

Compare and contrast topics in Politics

  • Which is better: Monarch or democracy
  • Communism or Capitalism
  • Communism vs Socialism
  • Parliamentary system or presidential system
  • Exploring free trade: Merits and Demerits
  • The political systems in US and UK: Compare and Contrast
  • Affirmative action vs equal opportunities


These are just a few good topics you can use to write a compare and contrast essay. Ensure you pick a topic you understand. This will help you to write to argue both similarities and differences eloquently and write a winning essay as well. 


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