‘Get Soca 2015’ Brings Trinidad Carnival Worldwide

New York – Get Soca 2015, the first compilation from FOX FUSE – the largest worldwide digital distributor of contemporary soca music, debuts internationally to heavy fanfare. This flagship, definitive soca collection features the top hits from the 2015 Trinidad Carnival season, from soca’s biggest hit-makers, all on one album. Get Soca 2015 is now available worldwide from all major digital retailers (released on Carnival Tuesday – February 17, 2015), from FOX FUSE.

Get Soca 2015 is currently featured on the iTunes U.S. homepage, during its week of release. It peaked at #3 on the iTunes U.S. Reggae Top Albums Chart, #3 on the iTunes Canada World/Reggae Top Albums chart, and #10 on the iTunes U.K. Reggae Top Albums Chart. It also boasts the top three winning tracks “Ola” by Olatunji (capturing the Groovy Soca Monarch crown), “My House” by Farmer Nappy and “Vagabond” by Ricardo Drue, which were the top three respectively at the International Groovy Soca Monarch Competition held in Port of Spain, Trinidad on Friday, February 13, known as Fantastic Friday. Olatunji’s “Ola” also placed third in the annual Road March competition held on Carnival Tuesday, which culminated the 2015 Trinidad Carnival season.

Packing tropical heat with 21 blockbuster songs, Get Soca 2015 presents the soundtrack of Trinidad Carnival, for both festivalgoers and international soca aficionados. This sizzling collective of soca gems will have everyone jamming as it perfectly captures the essence of Carnival and brings this rich Caribbean cultural celebration to the international masses, year round.

Get Soca itunes
Get Soca 2015 featured on iTunes U.S. homepage during its week of release.


Get Soca 2015 peaked at #3 on iTunes U.S. Reggae Top Albums chart.
Get Soca 2015 peaked at #3 on iTunes U.S. Reggae Top Albums chart.

Get Soca 2015 features the kings and queens of Carnival, including 2015 International Power Soca Monarch Machel Montano, 2015 International Groovy Soca Monarch Olatunji  Yearwood, world-renowned soca stars Alison Hinds, Farmer Nappy, Destra Garcia, KES, Patrice Roberts and 2014 International Groovy Soca Monarch Kerwin Du Bois, alongside soca sensations Ricardo Drue, Benjai, Skinny Fabulous, Lyrikal, Porgie and Murda, Shal Marshall, Lead Pipe and Fadda Fox, in addition to rising sensations Preedy, Flipo and Islandboy Rick J. Legendary calypso icon Crazy rounds out this full spectrum of sounds from across the Caribbean, which is bound to electrify soca fans globally.

Olatunji capturing the 2015 International Groovy Soca Monarch crown with "Ola" on Fantastic Friday.
Olatunji capturing the 2015 International Groovy Soca Monarch crown with “Ola” on Fantastic Friday.

Curated by Rhona Fox and Zack Cohen, owners of FOX FUSE, this collection is their mission of propelling Caribbean music globally, in motion.


  1. Preedy – My People
    2. Olatunji – Ola
    3. Farmer Nappy – My House
    4. KES – Fallin
    5. Kerwin Du Bois – Use It
    6. Flipo – Sweat
    7. Shal Marshall – Motivation
    8. Fadda Fox – Ducking
    9. Islandboy Rick J – Give She Wine
    10. Benjai Featuring H2O Phlo – Phenomenal
    11. Ricardo Drue – Vagabond
    12. Machel Montano – Pop Ah Bottle
    13. Skinny Fabulous Featuring Lyrikal – Sober is Over-Rated
    14. Crazy – Respect De’ Elder
    15. Porgie & Murda – BenUp
    16. Destra Garcia – Lucky
    17. KES – Just Wanna Jam
    18. Lyrikal – Dey In It
    19. Patrice Roberts – Ah Feeling Mehself
    20. Farmer Nappy Featuring Alison Hinds – In Trouble
    21. Lead Pipe – Carnival Addiction


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