Get Ready For A “REALITY” Check

MIAMI – When 42-year old Nassau, Bahamas-born and raised son of a teacher and police officer, now accomplished Visual Artist, Reality completed his 7-year tour of duty with the Marine Corp, never would he have dreamed that his travels through Nigeria, the Cameroon Islands and other exotic locales would have lead to an explosion of artistic expression.

A proud Hollywood, Florida father of five has directed his sometimes adverse experiences into what has been coined a “Reality Check”. “Reality has a limitless flow of imagery and creativity and shares raw emotions and real-life circumstances through his art in a contemporary context” says Miami’s Wynwood Art District, pioneering store owner and local arts supporter Joy Haizen who stocks Reality’s artwork and apparel in her “rootsy” clothing, accessories and home accessories store, “YARD: No Place Better” located at 153 NW 36th Street (just East of NW 2nd Avenue).

“South Florida Artist Preps to Paint the Town”

When asked where he taps into his most concentrated source of inspiration, Reality simply replies “my feelings translate into visual imagery. I use pictures to tell stories, recount dreams and express emotions.” He continued by expressing that he “strongly believes we are experiencing a Renaissance of sorts on Earth and that art created by hand is generating life and encouraging movement.”

This self-professed late (artistic) bloomer attended a small fine arts college supported in spirit by teachers who encouraged his artistic energy. Reality has turned his hand and eye to custom-embellished apparel, childrenswear, books and unique consumer products as outlets for his artistic expression.

Most recently, Reality has teamed with a small group of grass roots community organizers called CATCH27 (representing the 27 Florida Electoral Votes). Powered by CATCH27, Reality will create 27 pieces of emotionally-fueled, larger-than-life artworks currently being executed in Dade and Broward Counties – all to be completed by Nov 4th, Election Day 2008. The works will be prominently featured in predominantly economically challenged communities with the intent to raise awareness and encourage integral voter participation in the 2008 political process in support of Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama.

“CATCH27 is determined to provide ample, uncomplicated and enjoyable opportunities for all community members to participate in the overall political process while reaping intelligent exposure for Reality. We have been blessed with an outpouring of support from neighbors, business owners, places of worship, fellow artists and the National Surrogates for the Obama Campaign” said Lisa Silvera, local resident, business owner and Barack Obama for President Supporter.

Handpainted, wearable art created by Reality will be available for purchase countywide with items reasonably priced from $25.00 and up.

Sample of REALITY’S work

REALITY sketch for wall Catch 27 mural

Barack Obama painting by Artist REALITY

Women registered to vote yard event viewing mural by REALITY

T-Shirt designed by REALITY

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