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Founder of Haitians Lives Matter Speaks Up About Police Brutality In America

Founder of Haitians Lives Matter Speaks Up About Police Brutality In America

by Bob Duval

A country like the United States, where being black looks like a crime to mostly white people across the country, but black leaders been looking for answers since day one to solve these issues.

However, if you look at the history of the United States, you will notice that police officers been shooting and killing unarmed black people over a decade. Unfortunately, most of the cases of those killings are still not solve because the police officers who gunned down the unarmed black people across the country are not behind the bar where they should be.

According to investigators, there are more black people and Hispanics in jails and prisons than white people in the United States, but the justice system failed to understand the fact that most of the black people that are in jails or prisons are sometimes innocents.

Did you know that 70% of people in jails or prisons are black people and Hispanics?

“I’ve seen more black people and Hispanics in jails and prisons than white people while visiting jails and prisons”, said Mr. Werley Nortreus, a Haitian political leader and the founder of Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti and A New Haiti Before 2045 (ANHB 2045).

Sadly, at the beginning of May 2020, two unarmed black teens got shot and killed in the United States by white people who claimed to be police officers. The same similar crimes involved unarmed black teens like Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Trayvon Martin, and so many others.

Even, the death of Sandra Bland, the 28 years old African-American woman who was found hanged in a jail cell in Waller County, Texas, on July 13, 2015, three days after being arrested during a pretextual traffic stop.

Black people in the United States are disproportionately stopped or harassed by police. Twenty years of collected data show Black drivers are stopped at a rate of 85 percent higher than white drivers. And too many police departments across this country regularly use disproportionate force in dealing with minority individuals.

In a country devastated by the deaths and injuries of hundreds of people, many of them unarmed, at the hands of police officers, drastic changes are needed in our approach to public safety. Such excessive force by police is particularly disturbing given its disproportionate impact on people of color.

Unfortunately, without proper justice and punishments, there is no way these issues will stop in a country full of white people who see black people as criminals and animals.

“I’ve seen too many killings and I’ve seen too many innocent black people being put in jails and prisons by white police officers just to ruin their reputations and characters. For real, this needs to stop, but they won’t stop doing that unless we take severe action towards them. When will this stop?”, Said Mr. Werley Nortreus, the founder of Haitians Lives Matter, while he was discussing these issues on a local radio station called Bon Déjeuner! Radio and BDR! Live.



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