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Forums Promote Better Relations Between Community and Police

CommUNITY Town Hall Forums Promote Better Relations Between Community and Police

SOUTH FLORIDA – In light of recent events, attorneys throughout the state of Florida and Nationwide have banded together in solidarity to develop solutions to promote better relations between the community and police and formed the LawyersMatter Task Force.

As legal professionals LawyersMatter Task Force feel that they must take a stance to develop a productive and positive response to the various incidents that have transpired across the nation.

LawyersMatter aim is to engage in a broader conversation with the community, law enforcement, politicians, and legal professionals about police-community dynamics in South Florida.

In the last few months, they have seen far too many signs of a deeply strained relationship between the police and various communities across the country.

The LawyersMatter Task Force would like to initiate a series of CommUNITY Town Hall Forums to engage the community, law enforcement, and legal professionals in solutions-based conversations regarding the following topics:

  • The rights and responsibilities of citizens in the community.
  • Issues impacting the community from a police perspective.
  • A guide to interacting with law enforcement and legal professionals.

On Saturday, July 30, 2016, from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., (some locations will commence at 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. email area attorney for specific times) as LawyersMatter Task Force host the first CommUNITY Town Hall Forums throughout Broward County.

The event will be held at local churches throughout Broward County and will be open to the community, covering the various cities in the Broward County area.

The LawyersMatter Task Force is inviting local police departments, and members of the clergy from the various cities in Broward County to participate and serve on a panel, moderated by local attorneys, to engage in a solutions-based dialogue with members of the community.

Sasha A. Francis  LawyersMatter Task Force Attorney
Sasha A. Francis
LawyersMatter Task Force Attorney

For further information please email your local LawyersMatter Task Force Attorney:

North Broward: Germese Gee at [email protected] or

Beverly McNeill at [email protected]

West Broward Area:  Sasha A. Francis at [email protected]

South Broward Area: Sandy Boisrond at [email protected]

Central Broward Area: Scheril Murray Powell at [email protected] or

Kweku Darfoor at [email protected]


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