Former Barbados PM Barrow’s legacy to be celebrated on Heroes Day

BARBADOS – The vision and legacy of former Prime Minister and National Hero, the Right Excellent, Errol Walton Barrow will be celebrated on Monday, April 28, during activities for National Heroes Day.

The tribute to Mr. Barrow will take the form of an official program and concert at Independence Square, Bridgetown, with performances in dance, song and drama.

The event will be held under the theme “Welcome Back, Skipper: Errol Barrow Revisits the Nation.”

The official program gets under way at 4:30 p.m. and will center on the creative talent of this country’s youth, the beneficiaries of Mr. Barrow’s policy of free primary, secondary and tertiary school education. Several primary schools are expected to perform during this segment.

Calypsonian, John King will pay his respects to the “Father of Independence” with his popular song “The Skipper”. The feature presentation of the official ceremony will be a special dramatic presentation on the life and times of Mr. Barrow, with speeches collated by Dr. Ikael Tafari of the Commission for Pan African Affairs and performed by local dramatist, John Walcott.

Following the official program, a concert will be held with some of the island’s leading artistes. Among those scheduled to perform are Red Plastic Bag, Phillip 7, Billy Kincaid and Buggy, while Dance Strides Barbados will pay tribute in dance.

Every year, the work of an individual hero is highlighted and while this year’s activities will focus on Mr. Barrow, the contributions of National Heroes, the Right Excellent Bussa; the Right Excellent Sarah Ann Gill; the Right Excellent Samuel

Jackman Prescod; the Right Excellent, Charles Duncan O’neal; the Right Excellent, Clement Payne; the Right Excellent, Sir Hugh Springer; the Right Excellent, Sir Grantely Adams; the Right Excellent, Sir Frank Walcott and the Right Excellent, Sir Garfield Sobers will also be celebrated during the ceremony.

The concert, which also marks the launch of the Season of Emancipation, will pay homage to the 192nd anniversary of the Bussa rebellion. The Season of Emancipation runs until August 13 and will encompass African Liberation Day on May 25; the Day of National Significance on July 26; Emancipation Day on August 1, Marcus Garvey Day on August 17 and UNESCO Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on August 23.

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