Format Of Twenty20 (T20) Cricket: History & Rules Explained

Twenty20 cricket – History & Rules

Cricket is a widespread and popular game in many countries. It has its devoted fans and viewers. Cricket includes many tournaments, games, and formats. One of the special formats of cricket is Twenty20. What Twenty20 is, and what rules and history formed its basis, we will consider in the article.

Twenty20 (T20) Cricket

What is Twenty20?

Twenty20 is one of the three basic cricket formats and is considered a shortened format. On average, a Twenty20 match lasts about 3 hours, while ODI matches can last 7-8 hours, and Test matches can last up to 5 days. Twenty20 matches consist of two innings. During one inning, one team bats, and during the other – the second team. During one inning, the team serves 20 overs, each of which has six pitches. Thus, as already mentioned, the match lasts 3-3.5 hours. At first, this format was used only for the County Championship, a little later it began to be used for international meetings.

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History of Twenty20

The cricket authorities wanted to find a solution in order to attract as many fans as possible to the cricket games, especially among the youth. After all, games that last for 8 hours or several days made the fans tired, so it was necessary to find something interesting and dynamic, and the Twenty20 format became such a decision. It was proposed by Stuart Robinson in 2001 and the chairmen voted in favor of this format.

For the first time matches of the Twenty20 format were carried out on June 13, 2003, they took place between the English counties. The first season of Twenty20 is regarded as a comparable triumph. Then the tournaments began to draw the attention of plenty of people.

In 2004, Pakistan’s first competition took place with 30 teams experiencing. Afterward, the Twenty20 format began to circulate throughout the world. They began to organize tournaments in the Twenty-20 format. It was planned that tournaments would be held annually. More and more people started attending the games.

Several leagues of Twenty20 took off after their popularity in 2007. Leagues such as the IPL, Bangladesh Premier League, Big Bash, Caribbean Premier League, Pakistan Super League, and Afghan Premier League have emerged and become very famous.

The ICC World Twenty20 tournament has gained popularity too and is held almost every two years. The exception is when the ICC Cricket World Cup is planned for the same year. In such a case the ICC World Twenty20 tournament will take place a year earlier.

Rules of Twenty20

All cricket rules are applied to Twenty20 as well, but there are some peculiarities that we would like to consider. At Twenty20, some fielding restrictions are used, such as outside the 30-yard circle you can see a maximum of two fielders during the first six overs. After the first six overs, five field players may be outside the field. And besides, at any time no more than five field players may be on the leg side. 

No more than one-fifth of the total overs per inning may be bowled by each bowler. This totals 4 overs for a full unstoppable match. The following pitch will be designated as a free hit if the bowler pitches a no-ball and steps over the crease. It will also cost one or two runs. In such a situation, only a double hit on the ball, a run-up, or an obstruction on the field can ignore the batter. The batsman may receive an additional six rounds for each ball scored after the 75-minute mark if the fielding team does not begin to pot their 20th ball within 75 minutes.


Cricket is relentlessly gaining favor and increasing the number of its true fans. The shortened Twenty20 cricket format significantly reduced the duration of the game and drew the attention of more young people to become interested in this game. This cricket format has its own exceptions to the rules, and of course its own history. If you would like to try your luck and place your bet on cricket, then we are waiting for you on the Parimatch website.


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