Florida’s 2010 tax amnesty program ends Sept. 30

TALLAHASSEE — Florida’s 2010 tax amnesty program started on July 1 and will run through September 30.

Amnesty InformationUpdate—For the period of July 1-31, nearly 15,000 contacts were made with the Department concerning the program, including phone calls and inquiries at the state’s Service Centers. There were 30,000 “visits” to the amnesty web page. Collections of approximately $15 million have been realized and close to 6,000 amnesty agreements were signed. (This is typical of past Florida amnesty campaigns where increased activity took place late in the campaign.) Updated information covering the period of August 1-31 will be available on September 10.

All taxes administered by the Department of Revenue with tax liabilities due before July 1, 2010 are covered during the amnesty period except unemployment taxes and the Miami-Dade County Lake Belt fees. An amnesty agreement form must be submitted to the department to participate.

Taxpayers who identify a tax liability unknown to Revenue will be required to pay only half as much interest as they would if DOR found the unpaid tax later. If DOR already identified the tax liability in a bill, such as through a billing or assessment, or had already scheduled an audit, the taxpayer is eligible for a one-fourth reduction in interest charges. In addition, taxpayers will receive a complete waiver of penalty under tax amnesty. (Taxpayers who comply with tax laws already save money—they never owe penalty or interest!)

How does a business know if they are eligible?
A business is eligible if their liability for tax, penalty or interest was due on or before June 30, 2010, and:
• They complete a Tax Amnesty Agreement (
• Their liability is not already covered by a settlement or payment agreement.
• They are not under criminal investigation for violating a Florida revenue law.
• They have not been convicted of violating any Florida revenue law.

Tax amnesty information, including the Tax Information Publication and Tax Amnesty Agreement form, are available on Revenue’s website at Local service center locations can also be accessed by visiting the webpage at or taxpayers may call 800-352-3671 to get amnesty information.

The Department of Revenue now features an online payment system for Florida residents who want a quick and easy way to report and pay taxes on Internet, catalog, and other out-of-state purchases

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