Five Ways To Accelerate The Progress of Your Project

Five Ways To Accelerate The Progress of Your Project

Time management is of high priority for managers handling multiple projects spread over multiple departments and teams. Specially for enterprise project managers it is highly important to ensure all the projects are meeting expectations and timelines. 

Roadblocks are inevitable, but fixing issues and moving ahead is important. When a project keeps facing multiple roadblocks or gets delayed due to low employee productivity, it puts your company in a bad light. 

As a project manager, it is your responsibility to organize the project and ensure its stays on track. There are several methods you can use to fast track your project. We have listed below the top five strategies to help you accelerate the progress of your project:

  • Manage schedule:

For ensuring project success, a manager must plan and schedule work from the very beginning in a way that takes into account unanticipated events. Such events can delay work and put the entire project on hold. A project manager must know how to accommodate any such changes that may affect the project schedule.

If the project is behind schedule, project managers can divert some resources who are free so that the progress of the project is not hampered. This is only possible if the manager knows which resources are available, which can only be ensured by meticulous project scheduling. 

  • Provide learning opportunities:

Having disengaged or unproductive employees on your team can severely curb the overall project progress. To ensure your employees work to the best of their abilities and deliver quality work, you must invest in providing learning opportunities for your employees.

Training your employees not only enhances their skill set but also amplifies their personal growth, which leads to higher employee satisfaction. This ensures they stay motivated and keep contributing to the success of the project.

  • Make use of project management tools:

Using project management tools allows you to quickly create and allocate tasks to project members. For instance, an enterprise project management software helps you prioritize projects efficiently to help you better manage the workflow. Project management tools also help your team members collaborate for better work results. 

Integrating tools like time tracking software with project management tools allows you to evaluate individual employee progress within the project and you can spot if anyone is falling behind. This leads to better accountability of work by the employees and helps managers in better resource management. 

  • Encourage communication & collaboration:

Clear communication is very essential for a team to be able to work together. A project manager should encourage internal communication to ensure everyone is on the same page and there are no confusions or complications.

At the same time, collaboration is crucial for accelerating the project. A team becomes more effective and productive when team members work in unison to support each other at every step. Providing your team the necessary tools for communication and collaboration empowers them and drives better results.

  • Automate tasks:

A lot of times there are certain tasks that take up hours and hours of employee time and they don’t even need human effort. Such repetitive tasks can be automated to speed up the project schedule. There are many free softwares available that can automate most manual tasks.

For instance, filling timesheet data for attendance manually is tedious and prone to human errors. You can make use of a free attendance tracker to automate the process. Using the right software can easily help you free up time that can be utilized in a more productive way.


No matter what, a project faces delays at some time or the other. Therefore, it is advisable to try to get ahead of schedule early in order to ensure project progress. Try to implement as many of the above mentioned tips as you can, and you’ll discover which ones work best for your project.

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