Five Reasons To Appoint a Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident Lawyer

According to Florida Highway Safety and Modern Vehicles (FLHSMV), of the sixteen thousand accidents in South Florida, approximately three thousand resulted in fatalities and injuries.

Due to a trucks’ sheer size and weight,  the injuries sustained in these accidents are significantly worse in both extent and occurrence than in accidents involving much smaller vehicles.

Suppose you have been in an accident involving a truck and you have sustained injuries or, God forbid, a relative has succumbed to injuries. Assuming that the trucking company in some way caused the accident, you could have a legal claim for compensation for the loss.

At some point, you will need to decide whether you should hire a truck accident lawyer or whether you should represent yourself.

In this article, we will provide you with five reasons why you should utilize the services of a Florida truck accident lawyer.

The Soffer Firm Miami Personal Injury Attorneys have proven to be worthy gladiators in this arena.

1. Lessen your load

After an accident with a truck, the chances are that your injuries will be severe and often debilitating and painful.

The last thing you need is the added stress of dealing with the legal implications of the accident.

Appoint a professional, leaving you to concentrate on healing up and getting your life back to normal.

“Don’t talk to me. Talk to my lawyer” will empower you and provide significant relief.

2. Level the playing fields

Trucking companies and insurance companies likely have more resources than you do. In any legal contest with them, you will be the underdog. They typically have more money to spend on legal fees and will strive to minimize the compensation they need to pay.

Insurance companies try to minimize their losses as they prioritize their bottom line.

The trucking company, in turn, will want to reduce any claims against it, so you are up against influential players with a solid motive to restrict payouts to you as the victim.

There is no doubt that this adversarial arena is tricky, and you would be far better off with a skilled truck accident lawyer in your corner to protect your interests.

3. Avoid minimal offers made by insurance companies

Your lawyer will deal with the insurance company, ensuring that all statements about the accident cannot be used to reduce your claim.

Do not sign anything the insurance company offers to you before appointing your lawyer. If you do, you may lose your right to sue.

4. Maximize the claim

Your lawyer will be in a position to assess any settlement offers made by insurance companies. Insurance company tactics used to get you to settle for less than you are entitled to will be identified and sidelined by your lawyer.

As a result, you will be dissuaded from signing settlement offers that look good to you but are a lot less than your actual entitlement.

Your attorney will investigate all elements of the accident and will identify all potential defendants, thereby maximizing potential payouts.

All types of damages will be considered, including both economic and non-economic damages, which could double or even triple your claim.

5. Costs are incurred if your claim is successful

Most law firms work on a contingency basis in these matters. Therefore, you are liable for legal fees where the legal pursuit results in an award to you. No compensation, no costs!

Learn how to find a lawyer who will work on contingency.

In the case of an award, you will need to settle the legal costs, but the increased award will more than cover the legal fees, leaving you with additional money at the end of the case.


There is no doubt that truck accident claims are tricky and highly specialized. Avoid a situation in which your learning curve costs you dearly and appoint a professional to represent you.



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