Financial Freedom – Be healthy, wealthy and wise in 2010

By: Elaine Grant-Bryan

ATLANTA – As the New Year approaches, it is a great idea to focus on maintaining sound finances and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Without excellent health, we may be unable to enjoy financial freedom.


1. Make good health your priority.

2. Save during your earlier years to pay for medical expenses later on in life.

3. Maintain a balance between saving for your future and enjoying life today.

The modern approach to medical care has an emphasis on a holistic view to health that involves the mind, body and soul. According to Dr Donovan Christie of Anwan Medical Centers in Atlanta, “As we get older, it becomes more important to utilise nutritional supplements as a regular part of our diet. It is well documented that one just can’t get enough nutrients from the food we eat.

The main reason for this is that our current food supply has fewer nutrients.” Studies have revealed that having proper lifestyle practices and taking supplements with natural herbs, vitamins and minerals can add a significant number of healthy years to the average person’s lifespan.

Christie notes that hardening of the arteries can be reduced with antioxidant, vitamins A, C and E. Jamaican women and friends of the Caribbean can easily obtain fresh garlic and according to Christie (who is board certified in Preventive, Internal and Paediatric Medicine), those who eat garlic have a five per cent reduction in plaque formation while women who do not include garlic in their diet have a five per cent increase in plaque build-up.

Diet plays a vital role in maintaining great health. When someone has cancer, it tells us that that the immune system has failed. We have cells dividing in our bodies every minute to seconds and Christie explained that studies show that the best way to prevent cancer is through proper nutrition.

Meaningful Collaboration

During his annual trip to Africa, he has seen first-hand medical problems similar to those in women throughout the Caribbean. He and his team are committed to continue his medical work internationally, including in Jamaica in the future.

In Jamaica and throughout the other Caribbean region, we enjoy temperate climate all year. This allows us direct access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Remember The What What What Approach – ‘What you do with what you have determines what you become’.

Future articles will offer additional medical tips. In the next segment, Dr Basil Waine Kong, president of the Heart Institute of the Caribbean Foundation, will share his views.

Elaine Grant-Bryan is an empowerment speaker, Georgia Leadership Sandy Springs graduate, recipient of Mayor Shirley Franklin Phoenix and Judge Glenda Hatchett awards & real estate expert featured on HGTV and Fine Living channels. Send feedback/questions to

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