Father and Daughter Create E-book for the Holidays

MIAMI – South Florida based author, Geoffrey Philp and his daughter, Christina Philp, have published a new children’s E-book, The Christmas Dutch Pot Baby, and for the next two days, this remarkable story may be downloaded for free on the Amazon Kindle.

“I love working with Christina” said Philp. “From the time she was in kindergarten, Christina and I have been creating Christmas cards, and The Christmas Dutch Pot Baby is the third book that we’ve worked on together. She’s a gifted artist and I am lucky that she has collaborated with me on so many projects.”

Christina Philp and father, Geoffrey Philp

Set in the island of Jamaica, The Christmas Dutch Pot Baby is the story about Joe and Myriam Lumley, who find a baby in a Dutch pot on their doorstep. Without hesitating, the Lumleys take the child, whom they name Eleanor, into their home. But little do they know, Attaberra, Queen of the Zemis, who has watched over the island since it rose out of the sea, has been watching their every move. The Queen has also made a prediction about the child. Will her prediction come true?

“The themes of family, hope, and redemption run through the book,” said Philp. “It’s what the Christmas story is all about.”

The Christmas Dutch Pot Baby is free for the next two days at Amazon: goo.gl/Gusje

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