Fantasia and Charlie Wilson Thrills The Magic City

By Dr. Mary

SOUTH FLORIDA – The Hard Rock Live, Hollywood lights goes down, the blue stage lights comes on, music begins to pulsate, the crowd stands, they begin to shout, Fantasia comes out…  OMG what is she wearing?  The crowd goes wild!!!

Rocking to the rhythm of “Free Yourself” dressed in a printed body suit with frills hanging from the arms and stockings, no pants or skit!  The girl is bold!  Showing her well-shaped body, strong legs, looking fit as a fiddle (as they say).  She must spend hours getting in shape, she looked GOOD!  The background singers were in a black short two piece outfit swaying and signing, not missing a beat!

Photo Credit: Ralph Notaro / Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

They then transition into “I’m Not Your Superwoman,” she only sang part of the song but it was stoic.  It also seemed ironic that she would sing that song because she appeared to be a “superwoman” in that outfitShe later didProud Mary” with all the moves along with the background singers, superb!  Fantasia also tapped into the audience spiritual side as they sang the song “Total Praise” what a beautiful divine rendition of this song.  Fantasia was lit!!!!

Charlie “last name” Wilson, was surprising.  For his age he can move!  He had a host of singers and dancers accompanying him on stage.  Their wardrobes were a beautiful array of hot pink, red, yellow, and green.

Even though they changed several times during the show they seemed to keep the same four colors throughout.

Charlie Wilson
Charlie Wilson and his Dancers
Photo Credit: Ralph Notaro / Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Charlie’s initial outfit his gold sequin pants and jacket set with shoes to match, it gave the perfect highlight to his performance.  On one of the sets they did, their jackets lit up.  The lights went down the stage was dark except for their lighting jackets.  Awesome!  He sang several of his well-known songs for example:  “I’m Blessed” and “There goes my Baby,” the crowd was singing along with all their might.  Some appeared to have a personal connection to the song.  The Hard Rock Live, Hollywood was filled still after 10pm on a Thursday night!

The show was fantastic, well worth your time and money!

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