FANM Strongly Objects To Florida’s New Driver License Requirement For Immigrants

FANM Strongly Objects To Florida’s New Driver License Requirement For Immigrants

MIAMIAccording to The Miami Herald on July 31, 2020, undocumented immigrants who were able to drive legally in Florida may now be unable to obtain a license after the state recently changed its requirements.

Before, those with pending deportation hearings were able to renew or obtain a license as long as they could prove they had a future hearing date. Now, they need to present an unexpired passport and an I-94 form proving they entered the country legally.

Most people going through deportation proceedings, however, did not. Family Action Network Movement (FANM) strongly objects to Florida’s new requirement which will affect the livelihood of tens of thousands of people.

Marleine Bastien, Executive Director of Family Action Network Movement, stated, “This arbitrary decision appears to be a very well coordinated plan by this administration to detain and eventually deport thousands of immigrants thereby enriching the private prison industry. The government knows that immigrants depend on their vehicles to go to work, buy groceries, and take their loved ones to the hospital. Many who are already struggling will feel cornered and forced to drive without a license out of pure desperation to provide for their families. Sadly, Florida’s public transportation system is poor and virtually non-existent in many areas. For the government to set this requirement in the middle of a global pandemic crisis and national recession is inherently wrong and immoral. This is shameful!”



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