Business review: Explore the different sections of trading

The trader’s room of any brokerage platform is very crucial as it is where all the trading activities take place. A seamless experience in the trader’s room is integral to the success of the trader. understands this, and ensures that every trade executed from their platform results in awesome customer experience. As per EconomyPair review, the trader’s room is very simple to understand which makes it easy for traders to execute their trades. The room is divided into multiple sections that help the traders to select the operation, they are looking for.

In this article will look into the different sections that are present in the trader’s room. Moreover, we will also try to find out how the technical analysis really helps in executing the trades.

Different sections in trader’s room: EconomyPair

The trading platform is divided into multiple sections that make it very simple for traders to juggle between them.

The top pane of the portal shows the following information about your account:

  1. Equity
  2. Balance
  3. P&L
  4. Margin
  5. Credit

Using this portal, not only can you find out the capital invested, but you can also know the balance amount present in your portfolio. You can switch between daylight mode and night mode based on your preference. You can also select the language that’s suitable for you. So much flexibility comes along to help you make the best trade in 2023!

As we move to the next pane, there are multiple sections available for every trader to look into.

Under the account section, you can get the details regarding your accounts, which include the account number and reference code. The deals section is used to understand the open positions that are available, along with the profit or loss for every position. Track your deposit and withdrawal history from your account under both the respective sections. Using the calendar that’s available, you can change the dates in order to find out how your funds have been utilized. Documents section is very crucial in EconomyPair. Unless and until all of your documents are verified, your account verification is not complete. You can find out the documents that are required for you to complete account verification and submit the same under the documents section. The Settings tab is the last option wherein you can change your account password and profile information. Switching between web trader and the desktop version of EconomyPair is very seamless. You just have to click on the option and there is a drop down menu from where you can select whether you want to go ahead with Web trader platform or desktop app.

Technical analysis tool of EconomyPair

Technical analysis is very crucial when it comes to Forex trading. The technical analytical tools ensure that you are able to track the market swing and play along the momentum. The trading charts include the Candlestick chart wherein different indicators can be used to trace the market movements. Perfect brokerage platform for every trader who is looking who is looking to plunge deep into the forex trading! Sign up for an all-exclusive account with EconomyPair right now!


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