Dr. Howell appointed Antigua Film Ambassador

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua – Distinguished Antiguan filmmaker Dr. Noel ‘Doc’ Howell has been appointed Film Ambassador by the Antiguan Motion Picture Association (AMPA), as the Caribbean nation prepares to host its inaugural Film Festival in November.

Slated to take place over a one week period, the AMPA is hard at work to ensure a highly successful debut of the Film Festival. In addition to showcasing films from across the Caribbean, there will be various seminars, with esteemed guest speakers from the Caribbean film industry, as well as several other exciting features.

Dr. Noel ‘Doc’ Howell

Dr. Howell has an illustrious career as a film director, producer and writer, spanning over 10 years, having written, directed or produced over 10 productions. His latest as director and executive producer is the high impact action drama Caribbean movie ‘Redemption of Paradise’ starring Macka Diamond, which had its world premiere in Jamaica last year.

In addition, the medical doctor who has his practice in New York, has also produced and recorded several artistes, mainly in his New York studio.

‘Redemption of Paradise’ was one of the featured films at last week’s Jamaica Film Festival, which was showcased to an entranced audience on Thursday, February 25. Following its release at the box office, ‘Redemption of Paradise’ will be available on DVD.

Set in the fictional island of Paradise, ‘Redemption of Paradise’ chronicles the efforts of Millie, played by Macka Diamond, to take a stand against the corruption that infests her hometown. What was once a safe and pleasurable island has become plagued with violence, drugs, and gangs.

Tired of the corruption that has infested her hometown, Millie decides to take a stand. She forms a community watch group, which, among other things, encourages the local businessmen to stop paying protection money and to deter the corrupt efforts of Paradise’s drug kingpin. The subplot to the movie involves a much younger Millie and a horrible twist to the story begins to unravel. The film details the struggles in crime ridden communities throughout the Caribbean.

Filmed last year January in Antigua with its world premiere in Jamaica in August, ‘Redemption Of Paradise’ cast includes – lead Macka Diamond as Millie, Respect as Rogger, Mark as himself, Kevroy Graham as Andrew, Eldon Martin as Wicket and Junior Hart as Officer.

The crew comprises – Director/Executive Producer: Noel ‘Doc’ Howell M.D., Assistant Director: Jason ‘J Will’ Williams, Producer: Courtney Boyd, Producer: Cliff Williams, Production Manager: Bert Kirchner, Location Manager: Dr. Alvin Edwards, Script Supervisor: Chantelle Tomilson, DP: Boaz Freund, Camera Assistant: Alex, Camera Assist: Andrew Anderson, Gaffer: Danny Belinke, Grip: Mark Mctavish, Make-up Artist: Melissa, and Stunt Coordinators: Steve Gums, Jeff Gums and Eric Miranda.


Through his company Color Bars Production, Dr. Howell is now working on two new projects – a reality show called ‘Reggae Buss’, as well as a mini-series called ‘Serious Times’.

At the moment, Dr. Howell is working with fellow renowned director and producer Courtney Boyd on the low-budget movie ‘Total Corruption’.

Directed by Courtney Boyd with Dr. Howell as the Assistant Director, the movie is being filmed in Bronx, New York and centres around a lone female police officer confronting corruption in the police force.

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