Celebrate Delou Africa’s 10th annual African Diaspora Dance & Drum Festival of Florida

MIAMI – “Dance has no boundaries. Delou Africa, Inc. continues its mission to bridge cultural gaps as they celebrate 10 years.

National Dance Week is April 19-28, 2019  and a great time to increase public awareness and appreciation of various forms of dance.

Folayan Griffiths

South Florida Caribbean News caught up with Folayan Griffiths – Vice President of Delou Africa and Dancer who is celebrating the 10th annual African Diaspora Dance & Drum Festival of Florida!

Q: How did your journey bring you to where you are now?

A: I am where I am now due to consistency and practice. The more I study and practice is the better I get at African Dance.

Q: Advice for someone who has watched from the sidelines and really wants to try Africa dance classes?

A: Try it! As long as you have the courage to try it at least one time without giving up that is half the battle. Of course, you may not get it the first time, but I can guarantee you will find yourself feeling more comfortable with the rhythm and movements if you remain consistent. 

Q: What was the best advice anyone ever gave to you about dancing?

A: Pay attention to the instructor. Try your best to mimic the instructor’s movement and form. Do not change the steps to what you think it is. If you can not do the entire step just do the feet or the arms and then try to put it all together. 

Q: If you could change one thing in the world/people and it would become a reality, what would that be? 

A: I wish I can change many things, but if I can change one, it would be for people to learn, recognize, and embrace the richness of African Culture.

Q: What are the benefits of doing African-dance?

A: You learn African traditions, a healthy heart and Positive energy!

Q: Favorite performance with Delou in the past 10 years?

A: I have fun at all Delou performances, but one of my favorites was our Series at the Miami Zoo.

Q: Are there any classes that Delou offers to the public? 

A: Our popular community Africa Dance class, featuring guest instructors: Akosua Graham and Narsha Cummings is held on Sundays from 3pm-4:30pm at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex, 212-260 NE 59 Terrace – Miami, Fl 33137. The class is for all levels and the cost is $12.00.

Delou Africa’s 10th annual African Diaspora Dance & Drum Festival of Florida

African Diaspora Dance & Drum Festival of Florida Dance Africa Miami is scheduled for August 2-4, 2019. Individuals can take part in this World Class International Celebration of Dance, Drum, Music, and Culture.

Featuring Renowned Native Artists from Guinea ~ Senegal ~ Mali ~ Ivory Coast ~ Haiti ~ Cuba.

The #1 cultural arts destination festival is set to be an exceptionally high-spirited, three-day family friendly, multi-cultural arts and educational event.

The festival attracts local, national and international participants while connecting the African Diaspora to our diverse communities. Past success reflects nearly 35,000 attendees visited our festival since our inception in 2010.

Delou continues to “Bridge Cultural & Communal Gaps” by expanding the knowledge base of the community through a variety of program components for the entire family to enjoy: African and Caribbean Dance Workshops ~ Drum and Music Workshops ~ African Fashions by “All Over Africa” ~ Yoga ~ Better Living Health Fair & Symposium ~ Global Bazaar ~ Free Children’s Village Zone ~ Concert Extravaganza

Folayan Griffiths 

The 2019 festival Concert Extravaganza will present “Seeds of the Diaspora.” A Journey of Cultural Artistic Expression through Traditional & Contemporary Folktale.

The concert will be held on Saturday, August 3rd at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex. This collective artistic collaboration will feature premiere and world-renowned native, national and local dance, drum and music artists, groups and storytellers.

All our artists will converge and perform on DanceAfrica, Miami’s main festival concert stage which is historically sold out.

Also, Delou Africa’s Cultural Community Outreach Development (C.C.O.D.) award will recognize and acknowledge key individuals who sowed the seeds that gave A.D.D.F.F. its existence.

Click here for more information on Delou Africa’s 10th Annual Festival.

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