Delou Africa’s 10th year anniversary culminates With The Seeds of the Diaspora Concert Extravaganza

Delou Africa's 10th year anniversary culminates With The Seeds of the Diaspora Concert Extravaganza

MIAMI – Delou Africa’s Dance Africa Miami hosted their 10th-year-anniversary celebration this past weekend in Little Haiti.

It was indeed a springboard to community capacity building, increased understanding within and between communities and stimulated dialogue and increased awareness and sensitivity for culture within the Africa Diaspora this past weekend in Little Haiti.

The sold-out Seeds of the Diaspora concert extravaganza provided the audience with a night of exploring the rich culture of Africa through dance, song, music, rhythms, and folktale complete with colorful and traditional costumes.

Delou Africa builds cultural as well as communal gaps by enhancing social and cultural awareness through artistic expression in West African folklore dance, drum, music, art, and history.

They empower individuals to embrace diversity and promote unity through the universal expressions of movements, rhythms, and mutual respect for all cultures.

The festival attracted local, national, and international participants while connecting the African Diaspora to the diverse community of South Florida.

Delou Africa presented their Cultural Community Outreach Development award to Ibrahima Dioubate, Mamadouba Camara, Mouminatou Camara, Youssouf Koumbassa, Mohamed DaCosta and Anita Macbeth. These cultural leaders were recognized based on their exemplary work that enriches lives through artistic, social, academic, and innovative skills.

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